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Quick Guides On How To Use The EyebrowQueen Products

Here you'll find helpful tutorial videos that show you how to use your new EyebrowQueen products, and create your signature brow style at home.

How To Use The Brow Pro Pencil 

Use the ultra-fine triangle tip to create microblade effect hair strokes - start lightly and build up through the length of the brow.

How To Use The Brow Colour Boost

If you're looking for a thicker, fuller brow look, choose the Brow Colour Boost. Packed with hair like fibres you can add natural volume to your brows.

How To Use The Essential Brush

Use the Fine Angled end of the brush to create fine hair strokes, define edges and shade, then use the Spoolie end to keep brows looking tidy.

How To Use The Brow Fix

Add a drop of Brow Pro Fix to the provided brush and apply to finished brows to keep unruly hairs in place and prevent smudging. 

How To Use The Precision Scissors

Brush your brows into place and use the curved tips to trim any unruly hairs to keep your brows looking neat and tidy.

How To Use The Precision Tweezers 

Create perfect lines and remove multiple hairs with the slanted tips and stubborn short hairs with the fine pointed tips.

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