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          EyebrowQueen luxury products have been formulated to give you the tools to create your signature brow style. Tame, maintain and style your brows to your every desire with our collection of brow products and tutorials from world-renowned beauty expert and ‘Eyebrowqueen’, Nilam Holmes

          HOT RIGHT NOW


          My first EyebrowQueen capsule collection includes everything you need to keep your brows looking perfect. From the Precision Double Ended Tweezers to perfect your brow shape; the Brow Pro ultra slim pencil to define and create micro fine hair strokes; to the Brow Fix to set brow hairs and make up without the risk of smudging; EyebrowQueen has been created as your brow beauty staple. It’s about getting the best out of your natural brows.

          Nilam Holmes,
          Beauty Expert and Creator

          LATEST NEWS

          How to get thicker Eyebrows
          There is no getting away from it; Thick brows are in!! Great, if you are naturally blessed with full, thick hairs but what if you aren’t? Even getting your brows laminated to give you the appearance of full brows, needs your brows to be in a healthy condition so how do you get thicker brows? We’ve compiled some handy tips to help you get your brows in tip-top condition which will in turn help them become fuller and thicker.
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          What is the best eyebrow growth serum?
          Eyebrow growth serums are a hot topic amongst the beauty buffs at the moment! but which is the best eyebrow growth serum on the market?...
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          What is Eyebrow Mapping?
          What is Eyebrow Mapping? What is Eyebrow Mapping? We all know by now that brows are very much individual for everyone and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to shaping the brows. So when considering shaping your brows, it’s important that you work towards the correct brow shape for your face […]
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          5 tips to eyebrow threading
          When you think of eyebrow threading what do you think of? An ‘age-old’ brow shaping technique originating in eastern India that is hardly used these days?
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          Brow growth for Michelle Keegan
          The lovely Michelle Keegan is certainly benefiting from regular use of the Eyebrowqueen Brow serum. Developed by Eyebrow founder Nilam Holmes the brow serum product comes in a generous 30ml bottle packed with a whole host of key ingredients to stimulate hair growth.
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          Eyebrow Trends for 2021 - What all brow enthusiasts need to know
          Eyebrow Trends for 2021 - What all brow enthusiasts need to know With lock down restrictions lifting and with beauty salons reopening, we thought before you all rush back to see your brow specialist, we’d give you the rundown on the eyebrow trends for 2021, what’s new and what is sticking around so that you […]
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          Easy tricks to get the best brows ever
          Easy tricks to get the best brows ever..! Sick of having mediocre brows? Dreaming of sleek, full, fluffy brows that are the envy of all your friends? Check out our easy tricks to getting your best brows ever! There is no getting away from it… Banging brows are a must these days. They are a […]
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          We talk fuller brows with Nilam Holmes, Celebrity brow and aesthetic specialist
          Nilam’s wealth of expertise and professionalism are valued by clients from all over the world including many high profile clients such as Amanda Holden and Victoria Beckham. If you are online looking for pearls of wisdom on how to achieve fuller brows, you won’t go wrong taking on these top tips from Nilam.
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          How to do your eyebrows in 5 easy steps (for beginners)
          If you are contemplating shaping your brows yourself but are a little nervous, don’t be. We have you covered with our guide on ‘How to do your eyebrows in 5 easy steps (for beginners)’. We share simple stages that are easy to follow to allow you to successfully shape your brows yourself.
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