Creator and world-renowned beauty expert Nilam Holmes (otherwise known as ‘Eyebrowqueen’) was the leading force behind the brow revolution that started in the UK in 2008.



Nilam’s obsession, passion and expertise in brows, led her to create and found the HD Brows treatment developing it into an industry recognised professional education brand.

By the time of her exit in 2016, she had trained over 11,000 stylists, delivering her bespoke brow treatment and supporting products. It was during this time that Nilam discovered her passion for developing cosmetics working with a variety of manufacturers and scientists.

Nilam has spent the last 3 years striving to create some new innovative products that consumers would find easy to use and, armed with the right tools and tutorials, could create the professional look for themselves: Enter EyebrowQueen.


"Brows have always been my passion and I wanted to create products that would solve every brow dilemma for everyone; luxury products with an affordable price tag that can maintain that ‘styled’ brow look every day.

I have worked alongside renowned make-up artists all over the world, learning the common brow frustrations and the tools that are required to create the perfect brow.

I’ve spent 3 years developing and creating the perfect product formulas and designs. I wanted to create products that perform; products that last on the skin without the risk of smudging; long lasting, long wearing and most importantly easy to use.

Listening to my clients and their frustrations in not being able to recreate their brows at home, the EyebrowQueen products and tools have been designed with multiple uses in mind. The Brow Pro ultra slim pencil and Brow Colour Boost are available in 6 shades to compliment all brows, creating soft natural looks to bolder defined brows.

This Brow Fix is to set and maintain your brow shape and colour without the risk of smudging, and the Essential Brow Brush, Precision Tweezers and Precision Scissors, to help finish your brows. All this of course, with a beautiful bag to store your precious brow products.

Eyebrow Queen has been created as your brow beauty staple. It’s about getting the best out of your natural brows.”