4 Common Eyebrow Problems and how to avoid them!

4 common eyebrow problems and how to avoid them!


Most of us have encountered one or two of these common eyebrow problems at some point in our lives. Perhaps you are still suffering and need to find a solution. If that's the case, let us help you. Perhaps you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows and need help growing them back? Perhaps your brows are dry and brittle after a brow treatment and you need to find a way to rehydrate them. Let's dive into the 4 common brow problems to help you find the solutions. 

  1. Sparse or thin eyebrows: 

Some individuals naturally have sparse or thin eyebrows, while others may experience thinning due to over-plucking, aging, medical conditions, or certain medications. It is a really common brow problem. And in a time when full bold brows are the rage, we understand that a solution to this brow problem is needed. For sparse or thin brows, we’d suggest using a nourishing serum like EyebrowQueens Brow Serum. Its scientific formula promotes stronger and healthier hair growth by nourishing hair follicles. Using this serum regularly will help enhance brow hair thickness and stimulate growth in sparse areas. After regular applications, it will help keep the hairs hydrated as well as keeping the skin around the brow hair follicles healthy too. 

  1. Overgrown or unruly eyebrows

Untrimmed, overgrown and unruly eyebrows can appear untidy and affect the overall appearance of the face. If you are between brow appointments and need to neaten them up without cutting and trimming them yourself, you can neaten them up using Brow Fix or Brow Soap Fix by EyebrowQueen. Both products are used to help fix the brows in place so once you have brushed and styled your brows into your desired position, either apply a drop of the Brow Fix to a spoolie brush and lightly coat the brow hairs with the product or use the brush provided in the Brow Soap Fix to fix the brows. The fixing products will hold the unruly hairs in place and make them appear neater and more groomed. Sorted!


       3.Mis shapen or uneven eyebrows

Uneven or misshapen eyebrows are sometimes unavoidable due to genetics or scarring, but in some cases they can be caused by over-plucking. Take a break from the tweezers if this is the case so that the eyebrows can grow back. Whatever the reason, you can make your eyebrows appear neater and fuller. Here's how you can do it! In order to create the illusion of even and full eyebrows, use a super fine brow pencil to draw faux brow hairs in the areas that need them.

The Brow Pro pencil is the perfect tool for this since it has a triangular tip with an ultrafine tip on one side that allows you to draw on the finest, most authentic looking hair strokes. 

  1. Flaky skin in the eyebrows:

Similar to the scalp, the skin beneath the eyebrows can become flaky, which may be caused by dryness or a possible skin condition. Keeping the skin moisturised is paramount to avoid this common brow problem. If however you are dealing with dry skin around the brow area, we’d suggest firstly removing all make-up using a gentle cleanser. Then using a clean spoolie brush, brush through the brow hairs to gently lift and loosen any flakey dry skin. Once you have done this, you will need to rehydrate the skin by using a brow serum. As mentioned before serums are great for keeping skin healthy as they are packed with skin and hair loving ingredients designed to nourish and hydrate. Used morning and night, this should help replenish the oils lost and allow the skin to repair. 


Our eyebrows are so important to the overall look of our face so keeping them healthy and in tip-top condition is important. Let’s hope these tips help you avoid and overcome these 4 Common Eyebrow Problems.