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There are two things to consider when choosing your perfect eyebrow shade:


For hair colour, choose a shade that matches or is one to two shades darker than your natural hair colour.


Also bear in mind your skin undertone, which will be either cool, warm, neutral or olive.

Choose Your Shade

Choose your EyebrowQueen shade by identifying with a skin tone and hair colour below. There are 7 shades to choose from...

'Blonde' is a cool, ashy blonde with a greyish undertone, ideal for the lightest of blondes and silver grey hair, as well as those with cool-toned skin and a desire for fair eyebrows.

'Bronde' is a neutral blonde shade that can appear warmer on cool skin types, making it suitable for darker skin tones. It complements medium to dark blondes and light brunettes.

'Warm Brown' is a light to medium shade pencil with an orangy undertone, perfect for light redheads and warm light brunettes with copper or ginger tones in their hair.

'Medium' is a neutral universal brown shade that works well for anyone as a medium brown option, particularly for individuals with medium to darker skin types.

'Rich Brown' is a medium to dark brown shade with a reddish tone, ideal for warm brown brunettes and auburn hair. On deeper skin types, it appears more as a neutral brown.

'Dark Cool Brown' is for brunettes seeking a dark ash brown brow colour. It is also suitable for blondes who desire the darkest, coolest brow shade. Note: Can look greyish on dark skin types.

'Barely Black' is a cool-toned pencil intended for the darkest brow shades. It is especially suitable for individuals with the deepest skin types and/or black hair colour.


Pick your shade based on your closest matched celebrity...

Complete The Look

Lift and enhance the appearance of your brows with our Brow Highlighter, available in 4 skin-tone based shades...