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Article: The Ultimate Brow Guide for Blondes: Tips, Tricks, and Product Picks

The Ultimate Brow Guide for Blondes: Tips, Tricks, and Product Picks

The Ultimate Brow Guide for Blondes: Tips, Tricks, and Product Picks

Have you ever wondered why some blondes effortlessly sport brows that perfectly match their hair colour, while others struggle to find the right shade? The answer lies in the art of selecting the perfect brow products. In our quest for brow perfection, this blog is tailored specifically for our lovely blondes.

Prepare to explore our insightful expertise and carefully chosen EyebrowQueen products that will guide you to blonde brow bliss.

Finding your perfect blonde colour match

The first step in finding your ideal blonde brow colour is understanding your own unique blonde shade. Blonde hair comes in various shades, from pale platinum and icy blonde to warm honey and golden tones. The key is to select an eyebrow colour that harmonises with your hair without being too overpowering or too subtle.

If you have platinum or icy blonde hair, opt for a shade that's slightly darker to create definition and prevent your brows from disappearing against your fair complexion. For those with warm honey or golden blonde hair, consider a shade that complements your warmth, adding depth and richness to your brows.

TOP TIPTest different shades, both lighter and darker than your hair colour, to see what best suits you. Remember that the lighting you're in can also affect how the brow colour appears. So, it's a good idea to evaluate your brow colour both indoors and outdoors to ensure it looks natural in various settings.

Eyebrow colour for icy and platinum blondes

For icy platinum blonde eyebrows, it's essential to choose shades with cooler undertones to maintain harmony with your hair. Cool taupe, ash blonde, and silvery hues can work wonders in creating the perfect, polished eyebrow look that complements your hair while adding a touch of understated elegance.

To achieve your ideal icy platinum blonde brow look, consider using brow pencils or powders in shades that mimic the silvery undertones of your hair such as EyebrowQueens Brow Pro in shade ‘Blonde’. This shade is perfect for cool, ashy blondes offering a cool, natural finish that will add dimension to your brows without overwhelming them.

Eyebrow colour for warm blondes

When it comes to warm blonde eyebrows, it is crucial to harmonise with the underlying warmth of your hair. Opt for brow shades that possess a slight warmth with golden undertones. They will add depth to your brows without overpowering them. To achieve the ideal warm blonde brow look, consider utilising brow pencils and powders in shades that have a hint of soft honey or warm taupe like EyebrowQueens Brow Pro pencil in shade ‘Bronde’.  This shade will capture the essence of your warm hair and help you achieve a polished yet natural everyday look without being too dark. 

TOP TIP: Warmer brow colors can introduce a touch of drama and sophistication by going slightly darker with a warm brown brow product to accompany an evening makeup look - just be careful not to go too dark. 

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Exploring different shades of blonde

Another option is to explore depth of colour using EyebrowQueens Brow Palettes. Each palette has 3 silky powders (plus a primer/setting wax) from darker to lighter, which are blendable allowing you to tailor-make the perfect shade for your chosen makeup look.  For blondes there are two colour options in the Brow Palettes ; ‘Blonde’ and ‘Bronde’. Mix the lighter shades together for a softer, more subtle daytime look and for a bolder, more evening glam look, blend the darker shades to achieve the perfect colour.’

Your eyebrows are not just an accessory; they are a powerful tool for self-expression so whether you prefer a subtle, everyday look that perfectly matches your stunning platinum blonde hair or you're ready to make a daring statement with bolder glamorous brows to ‘pop’ against your honey blonde hair, we want you to feel confident and empowered in your colour choices and hope that through this blog we’ve helped you on your way to choosing the perfect brow products in the colours that you as a blonde need! 

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