What is the best pencil for sparse eyebrows?

Let’s be honest, we’re not all blessed with naturally thick, full brows.
Some of us have naturally thin and sparse brows. That’s life! But fear not! You don’t have to show the world your thin brows if you don’t want to.
You can create thicker fuller brows using trickery. And by trickery, we mean by using the right brow product for the job.
That’s where we can help!

Which eyebrow pencil should I use for thin eyebrows?

The key to creating natural-looking brows when you have thin and sparse eyebrows, is finding a brow pencil that allows you to create fine strokes that resemble brow hairs. A lot of pencils on the market just aren’t up to the job as even when sharpened, they still create a blunt, thicker line which just won’t do. 

You want to avoid colouring and shading in a block of flat colour on your brows as this won’t look realistic as you won’t have the texture from your natural hairs so by just shading, your brows will look flat and unnatural. Instead, you want to be able to draw fine individual hair strokes with your eyebrow pencil to create the illusion of naturally fuller thicker brows.

EyebrowQueens Brow Pro is THE best pencil for sparse eyebrows as it allows you to create really natural looking hair strokes.

It’s unique triangular self-sharpening tip allows you to draw the finest brow hairs allowing you to build up your brows one stroke at a time, creating a much fuller look whilst still looking natural.

The clever tip on the Brow Pro not only has a super fine side, it also has a slightly wider edge to allow you to blend in colour over any gaps too.

Applying eyebrow pencil to sparse brows

Applying eyebrow pencil properly can take some practice especially when you are having to create the shape and size of the brows due to lack of natural hairs.
Here are a few top tips to help you achieve fuller brows now that you have found the best eyebrow pencil for sparse brows…

  • Make sure that you fill in any gaps in your brows first to even out the brow shape giving you something to build on. Once you have done this you can build the brow by drawing fine hair strokes with pencil on top
  • Another top tip is to shade your brows in your normal shade and then draw brow strokes in a slightly darker brow pencil on top. This will allow a greater depth of colour meaning you can achieve a really natural looking brow
  • The finer the hair strokes the more natural they will look. Practise drawing hair strokes on the back of your hand or on your forearm beforehand if you need to.

You can also check out our blog ‘How to create eyebrows with a brow pencil’ where we give you additional info and tips on how to create beautiful brows using your eyebrow pencil.

Whatever the reason for your sparse eyebrows, there are ways to help condition what you have so that they remain healthy and don’t become any thinner.  There are also ways that you can help your brows grow too. EyebrowQueens Brow Serum is perfect at treating brows as it is packed full of scientifically proven ingredients to nourish hair follicles and promote healthier stronger hair growth. We’ve compiled all our tips on this on our blog. 

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