How to achieve the brushed up brow trend at home (without lamination)

Brow styles change and so do the trends. Over the past few years we’ve seen brows become fuller, bigger and bolder and this year has been no exception. We’ve seen the rise of the brushed up brow or the laminated look as it’s often called.

What is brow lamination?
To achieve the ‘brushed-up’ look, the brows go through a ‘perming’ process called ‘Lamination’.(To find out more about this treatment head over and read our blog ‘Nilam shares her tips for the best Brow Lamination results’.) This chemical process isn’t for everyone however. Allergies, hair type and skin type can all affect whether or not this treatment is suitable for you and for many it isn’t. The good news is, you can still achieve the laminated look at home without the chemical treatment or commitment using either a brow fixing product or brow soap.

Achieving the ‘Brushed up‘ brow trend

Ahieve the ‘brushed up’ brow trend at home using a brow fixer or brow soap instead. It allows you to achieve a very similar look but without the risk of damaging your brow hairs or simply being stuck with a look that you’re not keen on. Don’t get us wrong! We love brow lamination , as results can mean your brows look bang-on as soon as you lift your head from your pillow for a lengthy period.  That said, you need to be sure you like the look before taking the plunge. If you’re not that brave and want to try the look first, a brow fixing product or brow soap allows you to do just that. EyebrowQueens Brow Fix lasts 24 hours so is a great way to trial the look on your brows to make sure you are 100% certain before going ahead with the treatment. EyebrowQueens Brow Fix is THE perfect fixing product. It is easy to use and one drop applied with a spoolie brush is enough to set your brows for the day, making them water and smudge proof too.

What is the Soap Brow trend?

Soap Brows is a technique which is exactly what is says it is … using soap! Yes! Soap! Soap is used to create a brow effect similar to those that have been laminated.
While this technique has recently been a firm favourite on social media, it is actually a classic makeup artist technique that has been used by those ‘in the know’ for quick fix brow creations for years.
It’s an extremely cheap way to add an effect to your brow, which some gels can’t quite compete with. We advise choosing your soap carefully as there are some draw backs. Over time even the most pH-friendly soap used on the brows can cause the skin to become dry and flaky often leaving a flaky residue on the brows. That said, when used correctly, it can hold the hairs in place for long periods.

Two girls who are known for rocking this latest trend to perfection in our opinion are Georgia Shults and Carly Fisher. Both blessed with great brows (which always helps) they are able to spike / fluff up / brush up and create a laminate effect using our fixing product – Brow Fix….
Model and influencer @georgia.shults is a great advocate for the ‘Brushed up’ brow effect as seen in her images. She continues to carry this brow look off time after time using the Eyebrowqueen Brow Fix product.
We have always been a big fan of american based make up artist @carlyy.fisher.  Carly uses a range of fab brow products on herself and her clients to create differing brow looks, many of them created using EyebowQueens Brow Fix.
Achieving the ‘brushed up’ brow trend needn’t mean that you have to rely on a ‘treatment’ process – you can achieve similar looks from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to mix it up and wear your brows a little more subtle during the week but fancy vamping them up a bit on the weekend, the EyebrowQueens Brow Fix or a simple brow soap will have you covered.