How to trim your eyebrows

How To Trim Your Eyebrows

If you find that your eyebrows become a little messy and overgrown between brow appointments, why not give them a little trim?

Now we’re definitely not suggesting you start hacking away at them with the kitchen scissors. No way!

What we are saying is, it’s not as scary as you may think and when done correctly can make your eyebrows look that little bit neater until your next brow session.

Here we talk you through how to trim your brows at home to help you along your way...

What do I need to trim my eyebrows at home?

1. Scissors
Ok, so may seem obvious but you will need some scissors. Not any old scissors though.Small curved scissors are what we would recommend for trimming those pesky overgrown brow hairs. EyebrowQueens precision scissors have a super fine curved tip which allow you to isolate and trim the longest and unruly hairs in your brows.

2. Brush
You will also need a spoolie brush to brush the brows into place. The Brow Brush is perfect as it has a generous spoolie brush on one end to allow you to groom any unruly brows into place. (It also has a super fine, firm angled brush at the other end for applying brow powders, pomades and gels. Bonus!)

3. Mirror
A mirror will also be essential. Make sure that you do not attempt to trim your brows using a magnifying mirror as this may encourage you to become scissor happy and trim away too many hairs. A standard mirror will be fine, just ensure you have natural light

Take your time when trimming your brows

So in a similar vein to plucking your eyebrows, take your time. If you rush the process it will only end in disaster and no one wants the shaved/slit eyebrow look making a comeback.

Brush the brows

In a naturally lit room facing your mirror, start by brushing the eyebrow hairs downwards. This will help you identify any really long brows hairs.

Then carefully trim those that sit longer than the rest, being careful not to accidentally take any others with it.

Next you will need to brush the brow hairs upwards and into place with the spoolie brush. It’s best if at this stage you draw your brows in as you would normally to give you a better template.

Using the scissors in the direction of the brow hairs, carefully trim the tips of any hairs that appear longer than others or that look out of place.

It’s important to only trim the hairs that stick out above your eyebrow line.

Remember, we are not ‘trimming a hedge’ so you want to avoid cutting straight across.

It’s best to isolate and trim individual hairs as you go, instead of lots together to avoid a less than flattering blunt, over-trimmed look.

Remember, we are not cutting the brows. We are just grooming and refining your brows, so go carefully. Less is best!

Top Tip:

Don’t rely on a magnifying mirror because every hair will look exaggerated and you may be tempted to trim too much so always sit back and check in a regular mirror.


Hopefully this will have given you a little more confidence to trim and tidy up your brows between brow appointments. Go careful. Good luck.

If you want to find out what shape eyebrow best suits your face shape, check out our blog, A Guide to eyebrow shapes for different face shapes.

So whether you are opting for the ‘I-woke-up-like-this look with natural, thick and fluffy brows, or whether you want to go for a bold defined statement brow, my tried and tested ‘top picks’ should make shopping for brow products much easier.

Whether you are ‘adding to cart’ or navigating the brow aisles, now you will know what products are worth investing in!

Happy shopping!