How to do your eyebrows with a brow pencil ?

Easy guide to applying eyebrow pencil correctly. Nilam Holmes shares her top tips. How to do eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil
Full, thick brows aren’t just for those who were naturally blessed with them as children. Those with thin, sparse and over plucked eyebrows can achieve a fuller looking brow with the help of makeup. Eyebrow pencils are the perfect product to use to give the illusion of fuller eyebrows.
Read on to find out how to do eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

How to use eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows

Identify the gaps
Firstly, you will need to start by identifying any gaps or sparse areas in the brows. Brushing your brows into position first will highlight any areas that are finer or which have less hair.

Top Tip –
To help get your brows in prime position to start, brush them upwards at the front of the brows and then outwards towards the tails with your spoolie brush.

The finer the stroke, the better the look

You will need a sharp eyebrow pencil to be able to draw fine hair strokes which are needed to achieve an authentic look. The finer the point on the pencil the better which is why EyebrowQueens Brow Pro is perfect as it has an innovative tiny triangular, self sharpening tip which allows you to draw the most precise hair strokes as well as the ability to define and shade your brows too.
Using the finer corner of the Brow Pro eyebrow pencil, start to draw hair strokes into the gaps that you have identified, making sure to follow the direction of the hairs. Filling in the gaps first will help balance the overall brow so that you can then start to enhance the shape.

Top tip –
If you have a shaky hand then balance your elbows on a steady surface or try resting your chin on the palm of your hand.

Getting the shape right

Once you have filled in the gaps you can work on the shape and symmetry. Avoid drawing straight lines around the edges of the brows, or being too heavy handed with the eyebrow pencil as this will make them look unnatural. Instead, take your time to gradually build the shape, alternating between both brows. Add definition by carefully adding more feathery strokes which will help achieve a more natural looking brow. If you wish to intensify the colour, add further definition or shading, you can use the flat side of the Brow Pro and more pressure to achieve this.
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Top Tip –

Don’t rely on a magnifying mirror. Intermittently step back and take a look at the overall brow because this is how others see you. This will also allow you to see if there are any areas that need filling in or thickening up.
Remember your brows are “sisters not twins” so they don’t have to march perfectly but we don’t want them to be “long lost cousins” so practice makes perfect.

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