How to choose your eyebrow colour


Eyebrows are important! Put simply, they frame your face and without them our facial proportions would look a little ‘off’! This is why it’s really important to get the shape and colour right. It can often be a little tricky ensuring you get the right colour eyebrow makeup to match and suit your natural colourings so in this blog we help you learn how to choose your eyebrow colour correctly. 

What eyebrow colour should I use?

Let’s assume at this stage you have the right brow shape for your face. (If you haven’t got that far yet, head over and have a read of ‘A GUIDE TO EYEBROWS SHAPES FOR DIFFERENT FACE TYPES’ where we help you determine the right brow shape for your face shape.) With the shape sorted, the focus is now on the colour of the brow. So SHOULD YOUR EYEBROWS BE LIGHTER OR DARKER THAN YOUR HAIR COLOUR? This is a personal preference and one to consider. 

If you tend to wear natural soft makeup, we’d suggest choosing a brow colour that is the same shade as your hair.

Alternatively, if you like to go for dramatic, bold makeup looks, perhaps go for a brow make up colour 1-2 shades darker than your natural colour. 

The Brow Colour Boost is the perfect brow product to offer you amazing brow colour which acts like a tint but which isn’t permanent at all. Available in 6 colours, it is a brow gel that carefully coats the brow hairs with fibres that not only colours the brow hairs, but which also makes them appear thicker. 

How to choose eyebrow colour - Start softly, softly!

Choosing a new brow colour can feel a little overwhelming as obviously you want to make sure you get it right! Too dark and your brows will become overpowering and too harsh. Too light and they won’t act as a frame for your face!


If you are sitting in the ‘unsure what colour to choose’ camp, we’d suggest starting with a basic neutral taupe colour; something like the ‘Bronde’ Brow Pro or the Bronde Brow Colour Boost both by EyebrowQueen which could work as a starting point as the shade is complimentary for both darker and lighter hair as it has a dark undertone but is not overwhelming for those with lighter hair either. 


Pressure makes all the difference to the colour!

Another way to introduce a new brow colour gradually is to start softly with the application using different pressures to change the intensity of colour whether that be with your brow pencil, pomade or gel Colour Booster. Obviously you will achieve slightly different results depending on what eyebrow product you use and how much pressure you apply. 


Remember changing your brow colour using brow products isn’t permanent so play around with products and techniques and have fun trying to achieve the look you are going for. If you are considering a more ‘permanent’ colour on your brows, read ‘Semi permanent brow make-up microblading vs eyebrow tattoos!’ before you do to help you decide


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