How to do soap brows perfectly

Social media has been flooded recently with avid beauty bloggers sharing the soap brow trend and whilst it may seem like it is a new favourite amongst beauty buffs for 2022, it’s actually a product and technique that’s been used for years. Read on to find out what soap brows are and more importantly how to do soap brows perfectly.  

What is the brow soap method?

Let’s kick things off by explaining what the brow soap method is. The brow soap method is a grooming technique used to give brows a brushed up, laminated look (without the commitment). It’s a technique which many have added to their daily make up routine to make their brows appear fuller, fluffier and nicely groomed.  Whilst it may seem like a new trend, it’s actually been around for years. Originally people would use a wet spoolie brush rubbed into a soap bar (yes, like the ones you have in your bathroom) which they then brush on to the brows to act like a ‘glue’ to keep them up in place. Fast forward to 2022 and we now have a plethora of ‘skin-safe’ brow soap products developed specifically for this brow technique,(like Eyebrowqueens NEW Brow Soap Fix), many of which include additional ingredients to help nourish and protect the brow hairs and surrounding skin. 

image by @emarstistry__
         Image by @emartistry


Soap Brows Tutorial - How to do soap brows perfectly!

The soap brow technique really is so simple and easy; anyone can do it!
Awe-inspiring brows here we come! Essentially all you need to try this brow trend is a spoolie brush and a bar of soap or your chosen brow soap product. 

  1. Simply wet the bar of soap and then gently rub the spoolie brush into the soap to cover the bristles.
  2. Coat your brows with the brow soap and brush the brow hairs upwards (or into your preferred shape). 
  3. Allow them to dry and set. Brow soap done!

Traditional soap or specific brow soap products? 

A few key things to think about when considering whether to use traditional soap or a brow soap product…

  • If you want to use a bar of soap instead of a specific brow soap product, opt for a clear bar of soap, ideally one that is hydrating and that contains Glycerine as soaps can be extremely drying and can therefore have that effect on the skin surrounding the brow area. (Glycerine is also great for adding a healthy shine to the hairs)

  • Steer clear of the white milky soaps as these can leave a white residue on your brows which is not a good look.  

  • Traditional soap lathers when wet so if are planning on exercising a brow soap product may be a better option as you want to avoid soap running into your eyes at all costs! 
  • Brow soap products have been formulated with this specific use in mind and are therefore made with skin-friendly ingredients. Traditional soap, whilst it is used on the skin, is made to be washed off so leaving the soap on the skin for long periods may result in irritation. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive brow soap tutorial keep checking back here as we will be sharing a video with you very soon featuring our NEW Brow Soap Fix

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