What is the best eyebrow pencil for blondes?

Over the years working in the beauty industry, I’ve often been asked ‘What is the best eyebrow pencil for blondes?’
I’ve come across an abundance of people with fair hair and light eyebrows who have struggled to find an eyebrow pencil that compliments their colouring.  A lot of products on the market tend not to have the right shade of blonde, either having an orangey undertone or being too dark. This has been a problem for a lot of my clients up until now! At EyebrowQueen, we have developed two of the best eyebrow pencils specifically for blondes!

Blonde isn’t just ‘blonde’

At EyebrowQueen, we recognised that there are different variations of blonde and so have developed an eyebrow pencil in shades that compliment those with fairer hair as well as those with dark hair.
Our Brow Pro pencil is available in 6 colours, 2 with blonde hair in mind;-  ‘Blonde’ and ‘Bronde’.

The Blonde pencil is our lightest shade and is a very light blonde colour, which is perfect for those who have fair/silvery blonde hair.

Some blondes have warmer undertones and therefore opt for a slightly darker brow than a true light blonde. Using a brown eyebrow pencil can often be too dark for this hair colour so we developed the Brow Pro in Bronde, which is subtly darker than the Blonde, but not as dark as brown.

These two shades are designed to enhance the brows of those with fair hair, enabling them to have natural-looking, defined brows, better suited to their hair colouring.

Blonde or Bronde?
Our ‘Blonde’ Brow Pro eyebrow pencil is great for people with silvery, light blonde hair, like influencer Molly Mae or Paige Turnley. (Check them out here… LOVE ISLAND STARS MODEL EYEBROW QUEEN.)
We also have the ‘Bronde’ Brow Pro eyebrow pencil, which is a little warmer and slightly browner, and is perfect for those who have slightly brown undertones like Kate Ferdinand, Stella Maxwell, Arabella Chi, and Belle Hassan. (Check out our blog –  BRONDE BROWS FOR STELLA MAXWELL.)

Kate Ferdinand wearing EyebrowQueen Brow Pro in ‘Bronde’
Credit : @Makeupbymikey

Olivia Attwood wearing EyebrowQueen Brow Pro in ‘Bronde’
Credit : @Makeupbymikey

Cool or warm blonde?

If you are unsure which colour of the Brow Pro to go for, question whether you’re a ‘cool’ or ‘warm blonde’.
If the answer is ‘cool’, then we’d recommend going for the ‘Blonde’ Brow Pro, but if you’re a warmer blonde like Olivia and Kate, opt for the ‘Bronde’ shade instead.

Blonde hair but dark brows?

Those who are naturally dark haired but have dyed their hair blonde, will more often than not, also have dark brows. It can be quite a contrast between light hair and dark brows and some clients can be uncertain about what colour brow pencil to go for.  We always recommend avoiding brown pencils when you are very blonde with dark brows as brown pencils often have orange and red undertones which won’t suit. Instead we’d suggest going for our black brown Brow Pro, which is a very cool, dark, ashy brown, which compliments the tones of someone blonde with contrasting dark brows.  Our Brow Pro is such a fine precise eyebrow pencil, that you can control the intensity and darken the shade just by applying more pressure or more pencil, allowing you to build just the right amount of colour.

Rita Ora with dyed blonde hair and contrasting dark brows.

Whether you are an ashy blonde or a neutral/brown blonde, we’re confident that the EyebrowQueen Brow Pro is the best eyebrow pencil for you.
The Blonde and Bronde shades are designed with you in mind!
If you are wondering how much darker or lighter your eyebrows should be in relation to your hair, read our blog ‘Should your eyebrows be darker or lighter than your hair colour’ to help you decide.

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Photo credit @patrickta / Model @Hoskelsa