Will Thin Eyebrows be making a comeback in 2022?

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 Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you will know that full, thick, brows are THE brow style favoured by celebs and make-up artists alike!  But there has been talk recently through the ‘brow’ grape vine that fine, thin,’over plucked’ brows may be making a comeback this year!!

Thin brow revival? 

If you lived through the 90’s, I’m sure as you read this, images of a younger you sporting fine, over plucked brows will come flooding back. (Come on, we’ve almost all been there!) Skinny brows were huge in the noughties (as was blue eyeshadow and were still not a fan of that) however since then, brow looks have been growing ever thicker and fuller by the minute so the idea that thin brows could be making a comeback will fill many with dread (especially those who are still struggling to grow them back after round one!) 

So before we decide if we're onboard with the possible ‘thin brow trend’ making a return, let’s take a look back at celebrities who have sported a ‘thin brow’ over the years…

Rihanna's thin eyebrow look

Image source : British Vogue

We have to kick start this off with the Iconic Rhianna who utterly rocked the thin eyebrow look on the September issue of British Vogue­ back in 2018. I mean, If anyone can pull this look off it's certainly Rhi-Rhi!

Image source : British Vogue

Whilst we know it was simply a conceptual look for creative effect, we do wonder how many people copied Rhianna to emulate this unforgettable look? 

Some well known faces have in the past displayed that 'thinner brow' look when brows were not at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Nowadays brows lead the way and are seen as such a prominant feature when it comes to beauty makeup and enhances your facial features.

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Drew Barrymore 90’s eyebrows

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Drew Barrymores thin brows were certainly that. During the 90’s in the ‘’Wedding Singer/Never Been Kissed’’ era, Drews brows were circular in shape and were almost the same diameter the whole way across which many brow specialists see as a very unflattering and unforgiving shape.

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During the 90’s it was common practice to remove eyebrow hairs from under AND over the brow line which in turn created a really ultra fine brow! Because over plucking occurred, the brows natural shape was lost and so brow hairs would grow in any which way meaning many women ended up trimming their brows and having to pencil in the fine line to fill in the gaps. Not ideal!

Are thin eyebrows really coming back?

While the beautiful Bella Hadid has never really worked with the 'fuller brow look' some of us pine for,  she is one of the few faces on the planet who suits a thinner natural brow based on her striking features.  If it ain't broke , don't fix it we say....


Image source : British Vogue

Back in the day the focus for many brow addicts, was to achieve the finest, thinnest brows, however the ’thin’ brow trend which is likely to return, is less about over tweezing and over pucking,

but more about looking at the natural brow and fine tuning what your ‘mumma gave you!!’  Instead of brushing up the brows and laminating them to create fuller brows, the trend will encourage people to work with what they have to create neither a thin nor thick brow; but a ‘naturally you’ brow.


What it means is easing up on the heavy sculpting and instead aim for a naturally enhanced brow by using products that subtly boost your natural brow much like the Brow Colourboost which effectively tints the brows with a buildable formula which is enriched with micro fibres, providing instant colour and thickness to each hair whilst providing a natural look and a firm hold.