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Article: Should I get my brows laminated?

Should I get my brows laminated?

Should I get my brows laminated?

Brow lamination. What is it? How does it work and is it right for you? We explore the current eyebrow trend of Brow Lamination so you can decide if it’s the right brow treatment for you.

What is brow lamination?
If you love your brows (and we’re pretty sure that if you’re here, you do!), you’ve probably heard of Brow Lamination. Brow lamination has been around in the UK since 2019 and has since taken off, fast becoming one of the most popular brow treatments. You won’t have to scroll through Instagram for long to see models and A-listers rocking the laminated brow look.
It’s most often carried out in a salon, costing around £40 subject to clinic and area,  however EyebrowQueen have a NEW Home Lamination kit coming out very soon meaning you can tame those unruly brows in the comfort of your own home!
Tame those Brows!
If you’ve tried the laminated look temporarily using the Brow Fix ( How to achieve the ‘brushed up’ brow trend at home (without lamination) ), love it and fancy something a bit more permanent, Lamination is right up your street. Also known as a ‘brow lift’ or ‘brow sculpting’, it is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. And no, we’re not talking about a curly perm! By perm we mean, setting the hair then treating it with specially formulated chemicals so that the style lasts for months.
Using a chemical solution, the brows are treated to make them more manageable and set into a more defined and slick/brushed up position, creating the illusion of a fuller, fluffier brow. The treatment softens the hairs and makes even the most stubborn hairs more manageable, making the popular ‘brushed-up’ look more achievable.
The difference between the brow lamination and other treatments such as micro blading and tinting, is that no colour is added during this treatment (although you can tint them after if you want to). It’s a semi permanent treatment which lasts until your brows grow out which is normally around 3-6 weeks. Perfect brows daily without having to actually spend too much time doing them!! Sounds good to us.
Image source:  @georginacleverley

How is Brow Lamination done ?
Unlike other brow treatments, when carried out correctly brow lamination is a totally painless treatment which is not too dissimilar to a lash lift and takes approximately 20 minutes. The process is most often carried out in a salon however EyebrowQueen’s new home lamination kit will mean you will be able to carry out the treatment at home.
Watch this space!

The Lamination process
● To start with a perming solution is applied to break down the bonds in the hair structure. This allows the direction of the hair growth to be changed, setting it into the desired direction, which is usually upwards and outwards.
● Once the brows are set into the desired position, a neutralising solution is applied to fix the bonds into this new structure.
● Lamination is a chemical process which can sometimes dry and weaken the hairs so a special conditioner is applied at the end of the treatment to moisturise the hairs.

Maintaining  your brows after Lamination
It is recommended that you use a brow serum daily, especially after a brow lamination treatment to help keep the brow hairs in good condition and to encourage natural regrowth.
EyebrowQueens NEW Brow Serum is packed with scientifically proven ingredients to nourish hair follicles and promote healthier stronger hair growth. It is also great at putting the moisture back into your brow hairs and encouraging new ones to grow.
Once the process is complete, and with the brows in their new position, you will need to brush and set them into position as lamination can make the brows fluffy. A brow fixer will allow you to style and set your brows upwards to get the popular celebrity look. Brow Fix will set your brows in place all day and is water and smudge proof too.

Should I get my brows laminated?
Like any semi permanent procedure or treatment you need to make an informed decision as if you don’t like the look of your brows after the treatment (which we’re sure you will), you can’t instantly undo the process.
The treatment is better suited to certain face shapes and those with thicker brow hairs so if your natural brow hairs are short and fine right now, it may be worth getting them in tiptop condition before having the treatment. (See how here – How to grow your eyebrows back ’.)

Benefits of Brow Lamination
● Fuller looking brows with a set shape almost instantly
● Can be done in a salon or at home with a home lamination kit
● The appearance of a lifted brow
● Results last 3-6 weeks
● Pain free process
● Less daily maintenance needed
● Eyebrow makeup and tints can be used on brows that have been laminated
Gone are the days when crazy, unruly and messy eyebrows ruled your face. Brow Lamination has seen to that! Instead, sleek, tidy and tame brows that look lifted and neat. What’s not to love?!
Make sure you pop back here soon to check out the NEW Home Lamination Kit from EyebrowQueen!

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