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Article: Nilam's Favourite Eyebrow Queen products

Nilam's Favourite Eyebrow Queen products

Nilam's Favourite Eyebrow Queen products

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years and have alway been obsessed with brows in particular.  Throughout this time, as you can imagine, I have seen a lot of brow products come and go. With the brow market being saturated with lots of ‘mediocre’ products, I thought I’d help you see the wood from the trees and share with you a list of my favourite brow products, the ones that do the job and do it well!
Some of my favourite brow products are products that I have used over the years on my clients, some that I use personally and of course some I have developed and produced myself for EyebrowQueen (and we all know how much I love those!)

I developed the products for EyebrowQueen because I found there were gaps in the product offerings available. For example, I needed a strong setting gel without the sticky finish which so many had. I developed the Brow Fix which sets the brows all day without the sticky residue.

To achieve really natural looking brows, I wanted a pencil that would allow me to draw fine, realistic looking hair strokes but all the ones I tried just weren’t fine enough so I developed the Brow Pro with a self sharpening triangular tip which allows you to draw the finest hair strokes as well as being able to shade. And it was the same for the brow mascaras. I could never find one with the right brush. I developed the Brow Colour Boost with a clever brush. It has shorter bristles on one side of the brush and longer on the other allowing you to easily coat both longer and shorter brow hairs without overloading them with product. It’s all about getting products that actually do what you want them to do.

What do I use on my brows?

By now we all know that full and fluffy brows are well and truly ‘in’ and I have a couple of different products that I like to use to keep my own brows just that: full, healthy and fluffy.
The first thing I like to use is a brow serum, which not only keeps the hairs soft but also helps to promote growth. I recently launched a NEW Brow serum into my EyebrowQueen range which I have spent 3 years personally developing. All of my friends and family have been testing it for months and everyone has really noticed a difference. As well as applying a serum, there are also a few other things you can do to keep your brows growing nice and healthily, all of which are all covered in our blog ‘How to grow your eyebrows back

My Favourite combo

If I’m being honest one of my all time favourite products has to be the EyeBrowQueen Brow Pro. I know I am biased, but it really is so versatile and that’s why I love it. It can create the most beautiful, natural looking, fluffy brows using the fine tip to draw really fine hair strokes or it can create a beautifully defined brow using the thicker end of the pencil to shade. (See how to use it correctly here : How to use the EyebrowQueen Brow Pro Pencil to Design & Draw in Your Brows)
Not only does it allow you to create beautiful brows, it’s a product that lasts too. Unlike so many brow pencils available on the market, it doesn’t smudge and there really is no need to keep reapplying throughout the day especially if you team it with our Brow Fix. Then you really are on to a winning combination.
The EyeBrowQueen Brow Fix is basically a liquid setting lotion, which keeps the brows in place all day long, without going hard or crusty.
My brow hairs are so stubborn but It really lifts and separates the hairs to give me that fluffy brushed up look. It also stops your eyebrow pencil from smudging which can be annoying, especially when you’ve spent the time creating them in the morning!

Nilam’s ‘Top picks’ of the best eyebrow products on the market

Yes, aside from EyebrowQueen, believe it or not, there are other brands and products that I absolutely love, which do an amazing job. Some I have used for years, others are quite new finds for me.
Here are my tried and tested ‘Top picks’
  • Brow powder – Bobbi brown
  • Brow mascara –  EyebrowQueen Brow Colour Boost
  • Brow pens – Anastasia
  • Best primer – Anastasia Brow Primer
  • Brow Pencil – EyebrowQueen Brow Pro
  • Best stencils – Anastasia
  • Growth serum – EyebrowQueen Brow Serum
  • Best pomade – Anastasia
  • Brow fixer – EyebrowQueen Brow Fix
  • Best highlighter – Maybeline brow precise perfecting highlighter
  • Best brow wax/soap – Patrick Ta brow shaping wax
  • Tweezers – EyebrowQueen Precision Tweezers (Dual Ended)

So whether you are opting for the ‘I-woke-up-like-this look with natural, thick and fluffy brows, or whether you want to go for a bold defined statement brow, my tried and tested ‘top picks’ should make shopping for brow products much easier. Whether you are ‘adding to cart’ or navigating the brow aisles, now you will know what products are worth investing in!
Happy shopping!

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