The best eyebrow tint colours for your hair

Let’s face it, we’re not all born with the perfect brow colour or shade but that's okay because the Brow Gods* are here to help us… 


Whether you have just coloured your hair and need your brows to match or you just prefer your brows that little bit darker, worry not as there are products that have been formulated to allow you to colour your brows without going down the dying/semi-perm tinting route. 

*Brow Gods aka EyebrowQueen. 

‘Tint Cheat’ - Changing your Eyebrow colour without dying or tinting

Brow Colourboost


Whilst there are many ways to change the colour of your eyebrows, some prefer not to go down the brow dying/brow tinting route for many reasons (Allergy to dye, sensitive skin, cost etc) so luckily there are ways to colour your eyebrows without having to go down the semi-permanent route…Specially formulated brow makeup like the simple-to-use Brow Colour Boost by Eyebrowqueen which is the perfect all-round product for changing up the colour of your eyebrow hairs whilst also creating a fuller bolder looking brow. Now while this product is NOT a permanent tint the buildable tinted formula is packed full of micro fibres which provide instant colour and added thickness to each hair. The clever formula also provides a firm hold making it one of the hardest working brow products in your makeup kit. 


What colour should I tint my eyebrows?

Colour preference is very personal as some people like bolder, dramatic brows which generally tend to be a shade or two darker than the natural brow colour, whereas others prefer a subtle brow which can be the same shade as their natural hair colour. Eyebrowqueens Brow Colour Boost comes in 6 non-permanent eyebrow tint colours; Cool Blonde, Bronde Neutral, Warm Brown, Medium Brown, Rich Brown and Dark cool brown; A shade perfect for every hair colour depending on your preference. 

Brow Colourboost

I have white/silver/grey hair. What eyebrow colour should I have?

If you are wondering which is the right eyebrow colour for white/silver/grey hair, generally we’d suggest opting for a light brown tint (Bronde Neutral Brow Colour Boost) as it is great for creating a frame for your face that will sharpen your features without being too bold. Just be mindful not to go too dark! 

The best eyebrow colour for ginger and red hair from the Brow Colour Boost range is Warm Brown (for warmer, darker tones).  For lighter redheads, we’d suggest either of the Blonde options depending if you have a warmer or cooler natural tone. 

If you are blonde and are wondering what colour eyebrow pencil is best for blonde hair, pop over and read What is the best eyebrow pencil for blondes where we share the two perfect shades for blondes.  The Brow Colour Boost tint comes in two colours especially developed for blondes; those with warmer blonde tones and those with cooler ashy blondes, 


We’ve also covered whether your eyebrows Should be lighter or darker than your hair colour? 

Need more help on non-permanent brow tinting?

Head over and watch a video tutorial on how to use the Brow Colour Boost eyebrow tint - How To Use The Brow Colour Boost

Once you have chosen the colour of your eyebrows, it is the shape you will need to perfect next. Head over and have a read of A guide to Eyebrows shapes for different face types where we help you determine your face shape and which brow shape suits best!