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Article: Celebrate NATIONAL BROW DAY with us - 2nd October 2022

Celebrate NATIONAL BROW DAY with us - 2nd October 2022

These days there is a special day for pretty much anything and everything! From ‘Bring-your-dog-to-work Day’ to ‘National Donut Day’ but the one that's got our full attention is ‘National Brow Day!’ That's right, a whole day dedicated to Eyebrows!! (As if we need an excuse, hey!) On the 2nd October, at EyebrowQueen and along with all other brow-enthusiasts, we will be celebrating all things Eyebrows!

Read on to see our amazing special offer especially for those that are as obsessed with eyebrows as much as we are - not just on National Brow Day, but every day of the week!!

Why do we love Eyebrows?

Okay it may seem like a silly question but we wanted to start by letting you all know why we are OBSESSED with eyebrows and why here at EyebrowQueen we think they are so important. 

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Eyebrows frame the face. Without them our facial features would be all off balance. We love how perfectly preened brows can totally transform the face. Not only do they look great, they help balance out our facial proportions and in some cases make our eyes look as though they have had a little lift!! And believe it or not brows are actually there to do a job too - they help protect our eyes! So with that we need to look after them and make sure they are looking on point!

We love how unique they are for everyone. No one has the same two brows and yet, despite brow trends coming and going and current ‘looks’ being in, everyone's brows are unique and we love that! 

Embracing that we are all different and so are our brows!

Our faces are all different (unless of course you are an identical twin!!) and so our brows will be too. Often people can be a little unsure as to what shape to go with when they decide to trim or shape their brows. We’ve taken the fear way and compiled a blog that will help you establish which shape brow will suit your face. Read A guide to eyebrows shapes for different face types here. 


I know my brow shape- Now what?

Once you know what shape will suit your facial features, you can get to work to achieve the perfect brow shape for you. Whether that be visiting your local brow bar or doing it yourself at home, at EyebrowQueen we have all the brow products that you need to see you stepping out the house with utterly fabulous brows. 

3 for 2 for National Brow Day

For National Brow Day we are offering 3 for 2 on all product purchases PLUS you can get a FREE cosmetic bag to pop all your brow products in! 

To help you decide which items to ‘add to basket’, we’ve listed some of our favourite brow products that we can not live without and let you know exactly why we love them!

The Brow Pro Pencil


The BrowPro Pencil has a self-sharpening triangular precision tip allowing you to create ultra fine faux hair strokes filling in sparse areas or thickening up the shape where hairs are lacking. It comes in 7 colours which includes 3 shades of blonde, 3 shades of brown and a black allowing everyone to be able to find a shade that matches their colourings perfectly. Those with cool and warm shades of blonde/brown have a shade to perfectly match their unique natural colourings and if you are between shades, you can use two shades to make up the perfect colour match. 

The Brow Lamination Kit 

The Brow lamination kit has everything you need to laminate your brows at home. The professional grade, gentle formula comes with a step-by-step guide to allow you to achieve the fluffiest, brushed up brows you’ve ever dreamed of. With enough product to do up to 5 treatments, It’s amazing value for money. (Even more so on the 3 for 2 offer for National Brow day!)

 The Brow Colour Boost


Once your brow journey has begun, you may find that you want to thicken your brows slightly to achieve the fuller look. Applying the Brow Colour Boost to your brows will create the illusion of thicker brows as the buildable formula coats the brow hairs with fibres to give added fullness. Not only this but it gives a great hold ensuring your brows stay put. Oh and did we mention it makes them waterproof & smudge proof too? 

EyebrowQueens Brow Serum 

If you want to go one step further when it comes to getting fuller, healthier brow hairs you NEED to get EyebrowQueens Brow Serum in your life.

The Brow Serum is packed with scientifically proven ingredients to nourish hair follicles and promote healthier stronger hair growth. When used regularly, not only will your brow hairs grow, the serum will enhance the thickness of the brow hairs and will help stimulate growth in areas that are a little on the sparse side. What is not to love?

Brow Fix

After spending time shaping and grooming your brows the BrowFix will become your new BFF. Forget having to reapply make up in the afternoon, or after a gym work out! The Brow Fix formula is a clear formula that once applied over your brow makeup will fix and hold the hairs in place for 24 hours whilst also creating a waterproof barrier. Just one drop of the Brow Fix holds both brow hairs and any brow makeup in place all day long. Brow Fix is a must for every makeup kit and the 3 for 2 offer for National Brow Day is the perfect excuse to try it and get it in your makeup tool kit!

If you thought the 3 for 2 offer was good enough, wait until you see our National Brow Day prize giveaway over on our socials where you can win a BEAUTY QUEEN KIT - which includes a Brow Pro, Brow soap Fix, and a Highlighter. 

Head over to our Instagram and Facebook to enter… GOOD LUCK!!

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