EyebrowQueen backed by Makeup Artists in the know!

We’re pretty sure you will have heard of Byrdie, The ‘go-to’ site for all things beauty related. If not, get on it and thank us later!! Having hit the ground running back in 2013, their obsession with all-things-beauty took the industry by storm. Whether they are reviewing the newest celebrity foundation brand or giving you all the tips and tricks from inside the minds of the best makeup artists /stylists/skin specialist in the trade, what they say has weight! Their award-winning team of writers and editors have a wealth of industry experience having worked with some of the biggest beauty companies including Hearst, Meredith, and L’Oréal. Not only that, they are committed to creating an inclusive space online that encourages and celebrates the diversity amongst us. It’s trusted by it’s (almost) 7 million monthly readers, so you can imagine our delight when New York based makeup artist, Britty Whitfield shared our Brow Pro in her recent article – ‘All The Products You Need to Build the Perfect Makeup Collection.’

Makeup Artist Britty Whitfield ‘Bigs up’ the Brow Pro
Based in the US, Brittany Whitfield is a professional makeup artist who has had an accolade of success with her work having been seen splashed over the pages of magazines, on the faces of those on the runway, the red carpet and on TV. When it comes to makeup, she knows her stuff. When discussing her ‘top picks’ recently with Byrdie, Britty shared all her ‘must-have’ items, that all beauty enthusiasts ‘need’ in their makeup bag, including EyebrowQueens eyebrow pencil, the Brow Pro.
“Whitfield swears by British brand EyebrowQueen.”
“These are a holy grail! They give such a good payoff with a fine point. The spoolie is precise and thin.*”
@brittywhitfield | BrittyWhitfield – MUA
(*In reference to our Brow Pro eyebrow pencil)

What’s special about EyebrowQueens Brow Pro eyebrow pencil?
Available in 6 shades, the vegan friendly Brow Pro has been specifically designed to be the most versatile of eyebrow pencils. It’s innovative tiny triangular and clever self-sharpening tip allows you to draw the most precise hair strokes as well as define and shade your brows to create the most natural to the boldest of looks. This dual-ended Brow Pro Pencil has a long-lasting waterproof formula and has a generous sized brush at the other end of the pencil to groom your brows into place.