EyebrowQueen's favourite make up artists

Leading make-up artist to many a face on our TVs today, Francesca Abrahmovitch has been using the EyebrowQueen products with glowing results on regular clients Rochelle Humes and Alicia Dixon.

Francesca created the bushy brow look on Rochelle for a recent awards event, which worked wonderfully with Rochelle’s burnt orange suit and matching eye make up.

‘Brows stayed perfectly in place all evening thanks to @eyebrowqueen brow pro pencil & brow fix x x’

Francesca played a key part in the EyebrowQueen shoot in LA, working closely alongside Nilam to tailor the make-up looks on our ‘Queen’ models Laura WooAnna Litva and Breg Jeheinien.

She also recently created these dream ‘brushed up’ brows at the Pride Of Britain awards for singer Louisa using the trusted EyebrowQueen Brow Pro and  Brow Fix, quickly becoming the staple brow combination tools to creating killer brows.

Fran is certainly an artist in demand at the moment!