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Article: Brow Lamination - How does it work?

Brow Lamination - How does it work?

Brow Lamination - How does it work?

IMAGE SOURCE : @scarlett_purebeautyskinclinic

Brow Lamination became one of the buzzwords in the brow industry and still is !!!  Why, I can hear you wondering? Well, full brows are well and truly here to stay and this treatment allows you to achieve full, fluffy brows without having to go down the micro blading route or having to pile on the brow products daily!

It’s a semi-permanent brow treatment that turns the volume up on your brows to ‘MAX’!

Read on to find out what exactly Brow Lamination is, and more importantly how it works.

Brow Lamination - How does it work ?

Brow lamination is a semi permanent brow treatment that involves straightening and lifting the brow hairs using a chemical solution. The chemical treatment is used to help aid the flexibility of the hairs by lifting and separating them. It helps the brow hairs to be moved into a more desired shape allowing any gaps to be filled and any stubborn and downward growing eyebrow hairs to be moved into the right place. 

What is the brow laminating process?

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively short, easy brow treatment that can last up to 4-12 weeks depending how quickly your eyebrow hairs grow. A small amount of a chemical perming solution is applied to the brows and left on for around 3-4 minutes. The product is then removed before a second chemical solution is applied. The hairs are then brushed up into their desired position and left to ‘set’ for around 3-5 minutes (depending on the hair type).  The brows are then cleaned up and all product is removed before a brow serum is applied to condition and nourish the brow area. Cue fuller,fluffier brows!!

Should I get my eyebrows laminated? 

Almost anyone can have their eyebrows laminated so the choice really is up to you as to whether or not you prefer styling your brows daily or whether you’d prefer them to remain  ‘styled’ on a semi-permanent basis. That said the treatment is much better suited to those with thicker, unruly brows as the results may be better. If you have finer brow hairs, you can still have the treatment however we’d recommend having them laminated in the salon initially so as not to ‘over treat’ the potentially fragile hairs as in some instances the chemicals can be too harsh for the hair/skin.

Should I laminate my eyebrows myself?

You can laminate brows yourself at home or get a brow technician to carry out the treatment in a salon and whilst both will allow you to achieve the fuller, fluffier brow, it is recommended that you get a brow technician to do the treatment in the first instance. The reason being is they will be able to get the desired shape (which you can then work to when you do it yourself) and they will be able to give you an indicator as to how well your brows take to the chemical solution (as some people find that the chemical solution can be a little harsh on their skin and hair.) If you want to try it at home, EyebrowQueen offers a home lamination kit which contains enough product for up to 5 treatments providing great value for money too.

Check out these before and after eyebrow lamination Photos. 

How do I know if Eyebrow Lamination will suit me?

If you fancy giving the brow lamination treatment a try but are a little nervous to go for it, why not trial the look first using brow fixing products instead. By using something like EyebrowQueens Brow Fix or their NEW Soap Brow Fix , you can create the look of a ‘brushed-up brow’ to see if it suits you before committing to the semi-permanent treatment.  Check out our blog;  How to achieve the brushed up brow trend at home (without lamination) where we talk you through achieving the laminated look without the commitment. 

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