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Article: Brow tones - choosing the right tone for you!

Brow tones - choosing the right tone for you!

Brow tones - choosing the right tone for you!


With thousands of different skin tones and hair colours out there, it can be really difficult to choose the right colour eyebrow makeup.  It’s not simply the case of ‘brunettes using a brown eyebrow pencil and blondes going for a blonde shade.’ If only it was that easy! When choosing your eyebrow makeup, you need to consider the tones. Are you a blonde with a cool undertone? Or perhaps a brunette with a warm undertone? 

Let EyebrowQueen help you choose the correct tone of brow makeup to suit your hair colour. 


What shade of eyebrow makeup should I use? 

As a general rule, we’d suggest when choosing your eyebrow makeup colour, to stick within two shades of your hair colour.  This will keep the look natural.  Don’t waste your time seeking a brow product that is the exact same colour as your hair - it is not essential.  It’s more important however to ensure that the shades are complementary. Instead of getting an exact colour match, opt for something that is a couple of shades darker.

What is my brow tone?

It’s really important when selecting the brow tone for your eyebrow makeup to consider the undertone of your hair colour. Are you a blonde with cool or warm undertones?  Are you a medium brunette with red undertones or perhaps a dark brunette with cool undertones? In a similar vain to buying concealers or foundations, you need to look at the undertones of your colourings and select brow makeup with the same undertones as getting it right can be the difference between ‘nice brows’ and brows that ‘Wow!’ 


Play with shades to compliment your brow tone

Don’t be scared to play around using a couple of eyebrow products in different shades. Most people have a few colour shades in their hair so brow hairs should be no different. If your brows are solely one shade there is a risk that they look a little fake and too ‘done’. Create texture and depth by using a couple of products in different shades - your brows will look more natural for it. 

A few tips from EyebrowQueen to help with your brow tone selection…

Eyebrow makeup - The right tones for Blonde hair 


It’s important for blondes to get the base colour right as if they go too dark, they can run the risk of the brows becoming a little too overpowering which will throw their facial features off balance! Blondes should go a maximum of two shades darker. 


Platinum and ashy blondes should opt for an ashy toned brow pencil such as the Brow Pro pencil or the Brow Colour Boost in shade ‘Blonde’ 

Golden, caramel and warmer blondes should opt for a browner blonde shade such as the Bro Pro pencil and Brow colour boost in ‘Bronde’.

Eyebrow makeup- The right tones for Brunettes

                                           MODEL: @CINDYMELLO 

                                   MAKEUP ARTIST : @JENTIOSECO

The general rule for brunettes is to stay one (or sometimes two) shade ranges from your hair colour. Remember to look at your undertone. Warmer brunettes will need to select brow make up with those warmer orangey undertones such as the Brow Colour Boost by EyebrowQueen in shades ‘Warm Brown’ and ‘Medium Brown’ . Whereas cooler brunettes will want to go for makeup that doesn't have any warm undertones at all but instead has a darker base tone such as the Brow Pro in ‘Dark Cool brown.

Eyebrow makeup - The right tones for black hair

                                 MODEL: @NICOLESCHERZINGER 

                      MAKE UP ARTIST: @EOSBOURNE_MAKEUP

Sadly for those with black hair it’s not simply the case to automatically opt for a black brow pencil. Going too dark can make your brows look too dramatic and run the risk of looking a little ‘drawn on’.

Someone with black hair could instead try a cooler toned brown (Like the Brow Pro in ‘Cool Medium Brown’ ) and build up the product to create the brow look. Or as mentioned before, mix two colours together to create a more natural look; Perhaps a black and a dark brown.   

EyebrowQueens brow products in ‘Dark Cool Brown’ mixed with their ‘Black’ shade would be the perfect options to try. 

Finding the right tone of brow makeup for grey hair

If you have grey hair air on the side of caution and stay on the lighter side to avoid looking washed out. A brow that is too dark on someone that has grey hair can make the brows look too prominent and overpowering on the face.  Opt for a cool toned blonde like the ‘Blonde’ Brow colour Boost or ‘Bronde’ (depending on how dark the grey is). This will look a lot more complimentary with grey hair. 

Top Tip : Remember you can change the intensity of colour that you get from your brow makeup with a simple change of pressure when you apply. Applying less pressure when applying faux hair strokes with your eyebrow pencil will give light, subtle colour which is recommended at the bulb of the brows for example. Applying more pressure will add more depth of colour and is better suited to the arches and the tails to create definition.

Hopefully you are now better equipped to go and choose the right tone of eyebrow makeup suited to your skin and hair tone! Good Luck! 

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