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Article: Eyebrow Trends for 2021 - What all brow enthusiasts need to know


Eyebrow Trends for 2021 - What all brow enthusiasts need to know

With lock down restrictions lifting and with beauty salons reopening, we thought before you all rush back to see your brow specialist, we’d give you the rundown on the eyebrow trends for 2021, what’s new and what is sticking around so that you and your brows can stay bang-up-to-date!

The 'Hybrid' Brushed up brow

IMAGE SOURCE : @mb.michellebelle (instagram)
The ‘Brushed-up’ brow trend was huge in 2020! With time on their hands being in lockdown and whilst having the time to regrow their brows, many people seemed to enjoy having fun and playing around with makeup and brow styles.  As a result we saw many more people having a go at trying the brushed-up brow trend at home. And 2021 is no different. The brushed-up brow trend is one that is set to stick around although the 2021 Hybrid take will be a lot softer than we have seen previously!


'Hybrid' Brow - soft yet shapely

IMAGE SOURCE : @mb.michellebelle (instagram)
So if you were already on board with the laminated/brushed up look, you may need to tone it down a little for the 2021 hybrid version.

If, however you are new to the brushed up brow trend, think about adding more definition with brow products in the tails such as drawing brush strokes using the Brow Pro or adding thickness and colour using The Brow Colour Boost and in contrast embrace the natural fluffiness of those hairs in the bulbs and apply less product to those brow hairs.
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The Straight Brow

I feel this year there will be a resurgence of the straight brow. Having taken off back in the
‘Culture Club’ era heavily influenced by Boy George, we saw many shaving off the tails of their brows to create a straight brow.
More recently we’ve seen the likes of Kendall Jenner rocking a straighter brow, and I have to admit, on the right shaped face, it can look very flattering and uplifting so whilst I do not recommend anyone shaves off their brow tails, if it is a look that you REALLY want to go for, I’d recommend seeking the expertise of a brow specialist.

Want The Straight Brow? Let the professionals help!

A brow specialist will be able to assist you in trying to shape the brows into a ‘straighter’ position over the course of a few months enlisting the use of their expertise and trusty brow shaping techniques such as a thread lift, using Botox to gently lift the brow or using lamination on the tail of the brows to give the illusion of a straighter brow.
Shaving the hairs off is a very drastic way of achieving this look and trust me, whilst these routes may take a little longer to achieve the straighter brow, it will be worth it in the long run! Avoid the razor at all costs!

Brow Serums are big news for 2021!

Growth serums are huge this year and with big bold brows still very much the go-to look, it’s clear to see why! Ensuring your brow hairs are in tip-tip condition is paramount to achieving the fuller looking brow, so instead of having sparse, dry and brittle brow hairs, serums will nourish the hairs as well as the follicles really giving them the best chance of growing fuller, thicker and healthier.

Prep your brows for a 2021 post-lockdown glow up!

So whether you fancy trying the Hybrid brow or the Straighter brow, get your brow hairs looking fuller, thicker and healthier by applying a growth serum daily.  Eyebrowqueens Brow Serum, is packed full of powerful growth-enhancing ingredients that will give them the nutrients they’ll need to grow thicker and fuller. And remember, whilst you wait for them to grow, you can fill in any gaps or sparse areas using an eyebrow pencil like the Brow Pro which has an ultra fine triangular tip which allows you to draw in thin hair strokes giving the illusion of fuller brows.
So those are the Eyebrow Trends for 2021 that I think will be big this year post-lockdown.
Which eyebrow trend will you try?

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