Easy tricks to get the best brows ever

There is no getting away from it… Banging brows are a must these days. They are a vital part of our makeup routines however if your brows are more Drew Barrymore in the 90’s than Kim Kardasian in noughties, then perhaps you may need our help! Read on to follow our easy tricks to getting your best brows ever!
It may seem really obvious but in order to have amazingly shaped brows, you really need to have something to work with so our first tip is to start improving the condition of your brow hairs so that there is minimal breakage and maximum regrowth.
There are a number of ways that you can aid your brow regrowth but we’d suggest the easiest and quickest way to is to start with a brow growth serum like our Brow Serum. Applied daily to clean brows, the serum is packed with scientifically proven ingredients to nourish hair follicles and promote healthier stronger hair growth.
For more ways to help your brows grow, head over and have a read of our blog HOW TO HELP YOUR EYEBROWS GROW BACK where we share all the ways to improve the condition of your brows.)

Once your brows have had a chance to grow and you feel like you have some brow hairs to tame, before you reach for the tweezers, we’d recommend visiting a brow specialist in the initial instance. Your Brow Specialist will be able to map your brows and shape them into a structure that suits your face.  Once you have the desired shape, you can then keep them in check by tweaking them as/when the odd hair grows out of place using your tweezers.
If you want to see what shape eyebrows suit your face shape read ‘ A guide to Eyebrows shapes for different face types and if you are unsure as to which tweezers to use, we break down all the different types so you can see which are suited to you and your brow hairs!(What are the best tweezers to pluck your eyebrows with?) Who knew there were so many different types?

Often brow treatments like lamination can leave your brows dry, broken and brittle due to the chemicals used. So for our next tip, we’d recommend using the BrowFix to fix your eyebrow hairs up and in place giving the illusion of laminated brows (the current brow trend everyone is talking about!) but without the damage. You only need a small drop, applied to a brow brush, to fix your brows in place all day! Yes a whole 24 hours! And did you know it makes them waterproof and smudgeproof too?
If you are keen to achieve the laminated look without committing to the chemical process, have a read of our blog ‘How to achieve the brushed-up brow trend without lamination.’
On the other hand, If you love the laminated look and fancy it on a semi-permanent basis, why not consider a Home Lamination kit like the Eyebrowqueens Brow Lamination kit which contains the Pro Lift Essence, a brow conditioner used to rehydrate the hairs post treatment?

Our next easy trick to getting your best brows ever is all about ‘faking it until you make it’! If your brows aren’t as full as you’d like and perhaps sparse in some areas, whilst you allow them to grow (following tip number 1), use a thin precision tipped eyebrow pencil to draw in fine hair strokes to give the illusion of brow hairs as opposed to just shading the brows. The Eyebrowqueen Brow Pro is a great pencil for achieving this as the pencil tip is triangular which means one side is really thin allowing you to draw precise and life-like faux hair strokes.
With the right brow pencil you really can give the illusion of fuller, thicker brow hairs allowing you to create your best looking brows ever!
Hopefully by following these hints and tips you will be well on your way to achieving your ‘best brows ever!’