Brow growth for Michelle Keegan

The lovely Michelle Keegan is certainly benefiting from regular use of the Eyebrowqueen Brow serum.
Developed by Eyebrow founder  Nilam Holmes the brow serum product  comes in a  generous 30ml bottle packed with a whole host of key ingredients to stimulate hair growth.
We encourage customers to use the product on a consistent basis twice a day to stimulate hair growth….
“for those asking to see before & after pic after me using eyebrowqueen brow serum. This is NOT an Ad or a paid post . I just like to post products that I believe in and it has personally worked for me”
She went on to post  further about the Brow Serum which is due to be launched in a smaller bottle and added as part of the Brow lamination kit in the coming months.
Watch this space …..
“When it comes to eyebrows this has been an absolute game changer !! I literally has three hairs on each brows a few months ago! ( plus been using on my lashes !)”