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Article: 5 tips to eyebrow threading


5 tips to eyebrow threading

When you think of eyebrow threading what do you think of?  An ‘age-old’ brow shaping technique originating in eastern India that is hardly used these days?
Well, you’d be right on the first part but surprisingly it is still a hugely popular brow shaping technique due to the fact that it is low cost and very effective at shaping the brows with minimal pain or aftercare!  In general it is a technique that is done for you by a professional brow threader and there is a reason for this.
Read our 5 tips to eyebrow threading to find out what you need to know before you get it done…

Tip 1. Do not thread at home

Eyebrow threading is skilfully achieved by trapping and pulling hairs out from the root using a carefully twisted piece of cotton. In order to grip the hairs properly the skin has to be pulled taught and often the person who is having their brows done, is asked to assist the threader by holding the skin on their forehead tightly. This allows the brow threader to use their two hands to hold and pull the cotton to successfully undertake the threading process. Experienced therapists can thread there own brows where needed but we would certainly recommend getting your brows professionally threaded in a brow salon if you feel threading gives a better finish to your brows.
Eyebrow threading is extremely popular with male clients , the technique enables the therapist to shape the brow without it looking too groomed, but still gives a clean finish.

Tip 2. Find a Brow Specialist that you trust

We’d recommend you find a Brow Specialist who is happy to share examples of their work with you or who comes on a recommendation.
Ensure that your Brow Specialist offers you a brow consultation before you start your threading treatment to ascertain the shape that you desire. Most reputable brow specialists who are skilled and trained in threading will draw your desired brow shape onto your brows using a brow pencil before starting the threading process. This makes it easier to keep the desired shape in view whilst the skin is pulled tight. (If you want to get an idea which brow shape suits your face shape, head over and read ‘A guide to eyebrows for different face shapes’)
Treading really is a skill which needs to be practised in order to remove hair as well as create a desired brow shape without any mishaps…

Tip 3 Ensure your brow specialists works ‘Brow to brow’
To avoid unnecessary disappointment, during your brow consultation, ask if they work ‘brow to brow’. Some brow technicians have been known to complete one brow fully before moving on to the next. This can lead to uneven and asymmetrical brows. By working brow to brow they can see how the brows compare during treatment, resulting in more symmetrical brows."

Tip 4: Desensitise the skin
In general threading is relatively pain free however depending on your skin type and thickness of your brow hairs, it can be a little uncomfortable when the hairs are removed. It may therefore be useful to desensitise the skin before treatment. Clove oil is great for this as not only is it anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic, it is also great at numbing the skin naturally. It’s active ingredient eugenol helps numb pain and can reduce swelling and irritation so we’d recommend applying this beforehand if you’d prefer not to feel any discomfort.

TIP 5. Look after the brows post treatment
After having your eyebrows threaded, it can be tempting to quickly re-apply your creams and make-up straight away. We’d recommend that instead you close up the pores and hair follicles and leave the brows to settle and calm before applying anything to them. This will help avoid dirt and make up getting into the pores and causing spots or worse still, infections. Running an ice cube directly over the brow area will help close the pores as will using a cold compress such as an eye mask. We’d also leave it a good few hours before applying brow/eye make up too.
Those were our 5 tips to eyebrow threading. We hope they help you find them useful.

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