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Article: Introducing: Brow Soap Fix

Introducing: Brow Soap Fix

Introducing: Brow Soap Fix

Introducing: Brow Soap Fix

With Soap Brows having a surge in popularity, we thought what better time to introduce you to EyebrowQueens brand new brow product; Brow Soap Fix

How to do soap brows without the soap

‘Soap Brows’ is a brow shaping method using soap as a taming and styling product but with the beauty industry clocking on to the trend, these days you don’t actually need to use soap. Instead you can use a soap brow product that has been specifically formulated with brows in mind. Soap can be drying and cause all sorts of irritation so to avoid any unwanted side effects, instead opt for a brow specific product such as EyebrowQueens NEW Brow Soap Fix which has been formulated with ingredients that will not only shape and style your brows, but will nourish and condition them too. Introducing… Brow Soap Fix!

The Best Brow Soap around 

If you are looking for the best brow soap going, look no further. Like all the other brow products by EyebrowQueen, the Brow Soap Fix is not only a great looking product, but it delivers! Whilst it’s new in town, EyebrowQueen have taken all their product knowledge and industry ‘know-how’ and developed a brow soap product that not only packs a punch when it comes to shaping and styling brows, but that is nourishing and healthy for your brows. It comes in a gorgeous doppler bottle which is a hygenic new take on the standard ‘brow soap’ tin alternatives.


Like many of EyebrowQueens brow products, this will be in many makeup artists tool kits before you can say ‘Fix my brows!’.

Soap Brow Fix : 

  • Flexi hold
  • Vegan friendly
  • Liquified formula
  • Finishing product

The specially formulated Brow Soap Fix ingredients not only help the brow hairs stick in their desired position but unlike soap which can dry the hairs, it hydrates and conditions ensuring the brows stay in tip top condition.

If you want a long lasting fixing product that not only delivers the perfect soap brows, but that looks after your brows, the Soap Brow Fix is what you need!

Ready Mixed Fuss-Free Formula
Firm but Flexible Hold
Double Sided Brush


Learn 'How to do soap brows perfectly’ by heading over and having a read read of our blog; 'How to do soap brows perfectly’ 

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