Brow Soap Fix vs Brow Fix

So you know you love the brushed up brow style but how do you know which brow product is best to keep them in place and looking perfect?

Today we explore two fabulous brow products by EyebrowQueen, both of which will help you achieve a fabulous finish… A brow soap product (Brow Soap Fix) versus a Brow fixing product (Brow Fix).

Let’s kick things off and start with EyebrowQueens Brow Soap Fix…


BROW SOAP FIX is a one step, fuss free soap brow formula which firmly holds brows in place all day whilst keeping them soft and flexible. Unlike actual soap, which many use to create the laminated look, Brow Soap Fix has been formulated with eyebrows and the surrounding skin in mind. Forget flakey soap build up, dry skin and irritation (which so often occurs when people use soap on their brows) this liquified formulation offers a flexible hold which will keep your brows hairs in place all day without drying your skin and causing residue to build up. You can use this product to achieve the brushed up laminated look by using the short bristles on the brush to carefully press the hairs up against the skin. Or alternatively use the longer bristles to coat the hairs and sweep them into your desired brow position. Either way Brow Soap Fix is a great product if you would like to jump on the soap brow trend without using actual soap, but instead using a product formulated with brows in mind! 

We recommend this product for those who have soft manageable brow hair which just need a flexible holding product to hold the brows in place throughout the day. The product can offer a wet look and brow lamination effect when used correctly.  

How does Brow Fix compare to Brow Soap Fix? 


As an alternative and for comparison, BrowFix by EyebrowQueen is a clear, lightweight, waterproof formula (used by many makeup artists in the know!) that acts as a setting liquid for the brow hairs. One drop of the Brow Fix will hold both brow hairs and brow makeup in place all day long. The liquid formula is formulated to not only help your brows stay in place all day, but to nourish and condition the hairs, roots and surrounding skin too. It is sweat and smudge proof and won't leave your brows or skin feeling crispy or flakey.  

We recommend this product for those brow addicts looking for a really brushed up wow effect on there brows , or who have unruly hair which grows in differing directions - this product should tame them into place and allow you to control how you wish your brows to sit.  

Your brows will be fabulous all day until you decide to remove your makeup with make up remover.  

One of the main differences when you compare the two products is one comes in a bottle with a doppler (Brow Fix). Brow Fix is more of a liquid formulation and can be applied using your own brow brush or spoolie. The other (Brow Soap Fix) comes with it’s own inbuilt applicator which has two different sized brushes to allow you to create your own desired brow look building up the formula.   

So, which one will you choose?