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Article: How to care for your brows after Brow Lamination

How to care for your brows after Brow Lamination

How to care for your brows after Brow Lamination

You’ve recently had your brows laminated and you’re wondering how to look after them post treatment. When are you allowed to wear brow products? Can you brush them? Can you get them wet? 

In this post we help you answer all your post Brow Lamination questions. 

How to care for your brows after Brow Lamination

What is Brow Lamination?

First off, to make sure we’re on the same page, let’s start by outlining what Brow Lamination is. Brow Lamination is a semi permanent chemical ‘perming’ treatment designed to create lasting fluffy, brushed up eyebrows. The treatment lifts and separates stubborn and downward growing eyebrow hairs into a new desired position that can last anywhere from 4-12 weeks. 

Because it is a chemical treatment (regardless whether you do it at home or at a salon) you will need to look after the brows following the treatment to not only keep the brow hairs healthy but to try to maximise the time between treatments.  

Caring for your brows straight after a brow lamination treatment

During the treatment process, moisture is stripped from the hairs and surrounding skin so it’s important to replenish and recondition the hairs.  Post treatment the hairs will be much weaker and more brittle so directly after the treatment, whilst the hair follicles are still open, we’d advise applying a generous amount of brow serum on and around the eyebrows. A serum like EyebrowQueens Brow Serum, packed full of high quality ingredients will moisturise and nourish the hair follicles from root to tip. It will recondition the brow hairs as well as adding much needed hydration to the surrounding skin too.  

We would also recommend applying a generous amount of brow serum morning and night in between lamination treatments to keep the brows in tip-top condition.  The Brow serum also contain around 15 key ingredients which have been proven to enhance hair follicle growth over a sustained period of time. 

Can I get my brows wet after Brow Lamination? 

When considering how to care for your brows after a Brow Lamination treatment, you may wonder whether or not you can get your brows wet. Can you wash your face? Can you go for a swim? In a word…No! Straight after a brow lamination it is not advised to get the brow hairs wet for at least 24 hours as it can affect the longevity and success of the treatment.

Going forward we recommend applying one drop of our  EyebrowQueens Brow Fix (included in the EyebrowQueens Essentials Kit) directly to the brows,  making the brows water-proof and smudgeproof -  helping to keep them dry whilst they settle in.

Can I brush my brows after Lamination?

You can brush your brows post treatment however we advise not to ‘over brush’. Post treatment brow hairs are more brittle and therefore more prone to breakage so the less you mess around with them the better however that said, you will need to style them so a gentle brush into place daily will be absolutely fine.

One thing to remember is a Brow Lamination alone won’t make your brows stay ‘brushed up. The process just makes the hairs more manageable and fluffy allowing you to move them into the position that you want. You will need to style them into the brushed up position using your brow products. 

What shall I use to look after and style my brows post Brow Lamination?

The Essentials Kit by EyebrowQueen has everything you need to look after, style and shape your brows post lamination. Each kit contains a Brow Pro precision pencil, perfect for creating realistic looking hair strokes and a full sized Brow Colour Boost which adds colour and fullness to the brows. Also included is a pair of double ended Precision Tweezers and a pair of Precision Scissors; both of which will keep your brows tidy and in shape. Included in the satin-feel cosmetic bag you get a fabulous and much needed double-ended angled Brush and Spoolie which you can use to carefully brush up the brow hairs. You also get a bottle of Brow Fix which will keep your brows looking fresh all day long as well as making them water and smudge-proof for 24 hours. 

We hope that this has given you all the info on how to look after and care for your brows post Brow Lamination treatment. 

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