Make sure your eyebrows match your makeup! | Find out how here with EyebrowQueen

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One thing that is really important when it comes to your brows, is making sure that not only do you have the right brow products, but you have them in the right colour and shade! Regardless as to whether you wear pencil, pomade, gel or powder, getting the right shade is the difference between them looking like they are naturally ‘yours’ or whether they have been drawn on...badly! So to avoid this, in this blog we are sharing how to match your eye makeup to your eyebrows.
We also address how to ensure you create the right style of brow to suit your makeup look. Natural day makeup with a bold dramatic brow?! No way! Read on to avoid these makeup fails…


Ok, let’s start by looking at brow colour. With so many variations when it comes to hair colour, there really isn’t a ‘one size/colour fits all’ for obvious reasons. Each hair colour has many different shades so it’s important to find a brow product that has the same undertones as your hair. Take blonde for example. There is warm blonde/cool blonde etc.

Finding the right tone is paramount. It’s for this reason that EyebrowQueen offers more than one blonde eyebrow pencil. The Brow Pro pencil comes in Blonde and Bronde allowing those with slightly darker, warmer blondes or cooler, lighter blondes to be able to achieve a natural colour match. The Brown Brow Pro eyebrow pencil also comes in 4 different shades too.

If you prefer to create  brows using powder as an alternative to the Brow pencil,  check out one of our NEW additions to the range - the brow shadow palette


Brow colour is also a personal preference as it really depends on the style/look that you are going for. When it comes to matching your makeup with your eyebrows, if you love a bold brow, you may prefer to opt for a slightly darker brow, perhaps a shade darker than your hair colour.  Someone who is after a more natural brow, may in contrast wish to keep their brows the same colour as their hair. We have covered this in further detail in a previous blog which you can read here ‘Should your eyebrows be lighter or darker than your hair?’ where you can see Nilam’s advice on achieving the right brow colour. Matching your brows with your eye makeup look

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Eyebrows need to balance out your makeup so instead of doing your brows the same daily, you really should be changing your brow style in a similar way that you change your eye makeup looks. When considering how to do your brows, you will need to take into consideration the look you are going for. For example, a natural eye makeup look with minimal and ‘barely there’ makeup will not suit a dramatic, bold and heavy eyebrow. It will upset the balance and will draw too much focus away from the eye itself and instead focus too much on the brow making it appear overpowering.

Strong brow looks are complemented by choosing a dramatic yet clean liquid liner eye makeup look or a smokey eye look for example. In contrast, a bold smokey eye wouldn’t look as pleasing with a light natural brow so be sure to create a balance between the brow and the eye makeup.

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