How to create natural eyebrows like people's champion Pink

Grammy award winner Pink, lead the way at the 2019 Peoples Choice Awards last month. She’s one of music’s biggest stars and has now been named “Peoples Champion” for her constant philanthropy work. True to her unique persona, Pink’s look was wild but thanks to EyebrowQueen products, her eyebrows weren’t! Read on to find out how to create natural eyebrows as seen on Pink.
Make-up artist Lisa Laudat was in charge of the singers stunning look for the evening and wanted to create the natural eyebrows look. Lisa used the EyebrowQueen Brow Colour Boost to enhance Pink’s natural eyebrow shape and the Brow Fix to maintain the brows, keeping the make-up in place all evening for the world to see.
Lisa, also known for expertise in hair continues to work on on a number of the latest leading musicians including Camila Cabello and Dido.

Pink has worked with a huge number of foundations, including No Kid Hungry, Make – a – Wish Foundation, Planned Parenthood and Unicef to name but a few. The singer gave a heart warming speech on receiving the award urging people to ‘change the F**cking world’ … she went onto to state, “Get involved. You can’t tell me that Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Gloria Steniem, Anita HIll, Ruth Badar, Mlaza Yousafazia, Greta Ginsburg… Tell me one person who can’t make a difference”.
Pink also recently completed a photoshoot for the latest Billboard article, where they play homage to her successes in the music industry. However, Pink describes her career as the longest running ‘fluke’ ever … we think not ..!!
We might not all be able to sing and perform like the incredibly talented Pink, but we can all have a natural eyebrows shape like her! If you want to know how to do eyebrows makeup like the professionals, the EyebrowQueen Essential Collection has all the tools you need to create natural brows so you can get perfect eyebrows just like Pink!