Eva Longoria's gala make up look

EyebrowQueen founder Nilam Holmes created this fine look on friend Eva Longoria for last week’s Global Gift Foundation charity event. The actress and philanthropist, Eva, oozed sheek in her Balmain suit and had the glamourous brows to match.

Nilam used a selection of make-up brands to create Eva’s striking look, including Hudabeauty, Mac Cosmetics and Estee Lauder, as well as her new product line EyebrowQueen for the brows. The Brow Colour Boost is one of Eva’s favourite EyebrowQueen products to use because of the tiny hair like fibres that help elevate the brow and is completely waterproof.
Eva, best known for her role as Gabrelle Solis in TV Show Despereate Housewives, is patron for The Global Gift Foundation charity and was in London to attend the Gala event. She was also invited to visit Buckingham Palace to support other foundations that she works with, along her close friend and Global gift CEO Maria Bravo. Nilam has been involved with the charity for some years and is a regular attendee at most of the events worldwide.