Behind the scenes Eyebrow Queen's beginnings

With 30 years experience within the beauty industry and a real passion for all things brows, hence the nickname, ‘Eyebrowqueen‘, I wanted to create something with a clear purpose in giving everyone at home the ability to make the most of their natural brows’ to create that professionally styled look day after day. I’ve seen, first hand, with thousands of clients, that we all have our own eyebrow dilemmas from over plucked, non existent brows to bushy, unruly brows that are hard to tame! Working around the world styling brows for many celebrities, and alongside renowned make up artists, I have experienced the difference the right cosmetic products can make to brows. I am always on the hunt for the finest pencil I can find to create those ultra-fine natural hair strokes, as well as products that last during photo shoots, film sets and music videos (which can get very hot!), and of course for every day life. It has been these experiences that have led me to create EyebrowQueen; my specially formulated brow products, designs and tutorials that enable anyone at home to create their signature brow style.

Creating products is not new to me. I have spent the last 11 years learning, testing, creating and developing formulas with different manufacturers. Recently, based on this experience and what my client needs, I have spent the last 2 years working with cosmetic scientists specifically on my new ‘EyebrowQueen’ formulas. ‘EyebrowQueen’ is born with the first capsule collection – Brow Pro Pencil, Brow Colour Boost, Brow Fix, Essential Brow Brush, Precision Tweezers and Precision Scissors.

EyebrowQueen is about the best in brows for quality and performance. My capsule collection of products have a defined purpose and are simple and easy to use, even if you’re not a professional make-up artist. I wanted my packaging and brand colour and style to exude luxury and professionalism via the sleek feel of the products with their peachy gold shiny finish – something I also spent a lot of time and effort in making sure was just right.