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Article: 3 Brow Duos you need to consider this Black Friday.

3 Brow Duos you need to consider this Black Friday.

3 Brow Duos you need to consider this Black Friday.

3 Brow Duos you need to consider this Black Friday.

The secret to achieving perfect eyebrows lies in using two complementary products that work well together! Together, they create an unstoppable force that sculpts, shapes, and elevates your eyebrows to a whole new level of perfection. However, which two brow products should you go for? 

To avoid falling into the trap of impulsive shopping amidst the overwhelming options of brow products and the upcoming Black Friday madness, trust us to navigate you through our top 3 Brow Duos. These perfectly paired brow products will not only help you create truly ‘WOW’ brows, but will help you make wise choices whilst maximising your savings with EYEBROWQUEENS BLACK FRIDAY discounts! Read on to check out our 3 favourite brow duos that you need to consider this Black Friday…


First up is the Brow Pro pencil and the Brow Fix. The Brow Pro pencil is specifically designed to create precise and well-defined lines. Its unique triangular tip enables you to effortlessly achieve ultra fine hair strokes with utmost precision. The straight edge of the triangular tip allows you to shade the areas on your brows that require filling, resulting in the perfect brow shape. Once you have shaped and filled your brows, simply apply the BrowFix to ensure that the pencil stays in place all day long. This remarkable formula guarantees that your brows remain smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and waterproof throughout the day, ensuring that your carefully crafted lines stay sharp and defined. It's truly a match made in brow heaven!

SHOP ‘Brow Pro’ and ‘Brow Fix’ here.


The Brow Pro and Highlighter by EyebrowQueen is another amazing brow duo that we absolutely adore. While the Brow Pro Pencil is great for defining and shaping your eyebrows, combining it with EyebrowQueens Highlighter takes your brow makeup to the next level. The fine-tipped pencil helps outline the shape of your brows, while the highlighter is strategically applied beneath the arch and along the brow bone. This creates a beautiful contrast between the defined lines and the highlighted areas, resulting in a sharp and polished look that enhances the shape of your eyebrows. It's truly a game changer! But that's not all, the brow highlighter also has the ability to lift and brighten the eyes, adding a touch of luminosity to the brow area. When used in conjunction with a brow pencil, the highlighter can be applied just below the arch of the brow to create the illusion of lifted eyes. This brightening effect not only draws attention to the eyes, but also contributes to a more youthful and awake appearance. Win!Win!

SHOP ‘Brow Pro’ and ‘Highlighter’ here.


Our final duo, the Brow Colour Boost and Brow Fix from EyebrowQueens, offers a complete solution for achieving long-lasting, beautifully coloured brows. By using the buildable tinted formula of Brow Colour Boost enriched with microfibers, you can instantly enhance the colour and thickness of each hair, resulting in a more intense and deep colour. When paired with Brow Fix, the gel sets the colour in place, ensuring even distribution and preventing smudging or fading throughout the day. This dynamic duo provides a polished and groomed look that lasts all day and night, making it an awesome twosome!

SHOP ‘Brow Colour Boost’ and ‘Brow Fix’ here.

So don't settle for just one amazing brow product when you can unlock the full potential of your brows with these powerful Brow Duos!.

Which Duo will you go for?

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