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Frankie Bridge shares her 2 MUST HAVE eyebrow products

Frankie Bridge shares her 2 MUST HAVE eyebrow products

I’m sure you will agree, Frankie Bridge and her brows always look on point! She oozes natural beauty and rocks the ‘effortlessly chic’ look so well, even during lockdown! Recently, Frankie Bridge shared her two MUST HAVE brow products with her fans and we thought we’d let you in on her secret!


Frankies Faves – Celebrities sharing beauty secrets

@FrankieBridge has been a regular on social media for some time and like many during lockdown, has been sharing her life with her fans.

Over recent years, Frankie has opened up to her 1.1 million followers about her struggles with mental health and anxiety, recently publishing her ‘Sunday Times Bestselling’ book ‘OPEN’.  By sharing ‘Frankies Fave’s, (her weekly fashion round-up), Frankie has become a fashion figure, whom many aspire to.

She also regularly shares her gym sessions, her TikTok videos, her ‘best buys’, and her favourite beauty products, allowing her fans to ‘get in on the action.’ 

frankie bridge shares makeup secrets, Frankie Bridge shares her 2 MUST HAVE eyebrow products

Frankie Bridge and her perfect eyebrows

Well known for her perfect brows, Frankie recently shared her daily makeup routine on her Instagram stories which included the EyebrowQueen Brow Fix, along with the EyebrowQueen Brow Pro Pencil! We couldn’t be happier to see that Frankie is a HUGE fan of our ever-popular eyebrow products. She mentioned they were her ‘go-to’ brow tools to keep them looking flawless.

“You all know I love the EyebrowQueen Brow Fix. Put a little bit on the brush and then I start to brush it up into my brows.

Frankie Bridge

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She’s a fan!

The Saturdays Image

Frankie is a long time brow client of EyebrowQueen director Nilam Holmes who regularly tailored Frankie’s brows during her time in the girl band The Saturdays.

Having previously had a permanent cosmetic brow treatment in the past , Frankie has recently opted for the Micro balding treatment alternative and uses the EyebrowQueen products to keep them groomed and tidy, day to day.

If you are considering a more percent procedure on your brows, check out our blog on semi permanent make up vs micro blading

Fixing those brows

The Brow Fix is proving to be a much-loved product since it’s launch and was nominated for ‘Best New Eye Product 2020’ in Mays ‘Pure Global Beauty Awards.’ 

If you want to achieve stunning, immaculate brows like Frankie Bridge, get yourself the products that she uses; the Brow Fix and the Brow Pro pencil. These products will help you achieve perfect brows!

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