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Article: How to use Brow powder and gel

How to use Brow powder and gel

How to use Brow powder and gel

We all know by now that there are an abundance of eyebrow products on the market. From eyebrow pencils, to brow soaps, waxes and pomades. Today we are shining the spotlight on brow powders and gel, helping you make the best of the product and giving you the tips you need in order to use it correctly.
Here goes..

Is the brow powder right for you
Firstly, It’s worth finding out whether a brow powder is the right eyebrow product for you.
If you have full brows with lots of hair when we’d say yes. Also, if you have slightly oily skin, a brow powder may work better for you than a pencil as the powder will absorb any excess oil on the brows. If on the other hand you have sparse brows or really dry skin, perhaps other products like a pencil or a pomade may suit you better. If you have sparse/thin/fine brows and you really want to use a powder as your base, we’d suggest you powder your brows into the shape you want using a stencil, then with a pencil (or a brow gel and brush), draw in fine hair strokes on top to achieve the look.(Our Brow Pro pencil is perfect at achieving realistic hair strokes due to the ultra fine tip)
When choosing a brow powder, we’d recommend going for one shade lighter than your natural hair colour as once applied, it can sometimes look a little heavy as your brow hairs create the texture but the powder gives the body so anything too dark can look too much. When used correctly, a brow powder should give a natural soft, diffused effect.

How to correctly use Eyebrow Powder
When using a brow powder you will want to apply your face make up first. Go in with your foundation and base before doing your eyebrows.  Always use a primer when using a brow powder as this will help the powder grip and stay put. (We’d recommend the Anastasia Brow Primer)
To apply the brow powder correctly you will need a good fine, straight-angled brush. The straight angle will allow you to get better precision and apply product exactly where you need it.
Less is more with a brow powder so instead of applying product directly from the pallet to your brows, we’d recommend tapping off the excess product on to the back of your hand and then use from there. It’s never a good idea to apply the powder directly from the pallet to the face as too much product will be applied and it can look messy.

Eyebrow powder

  • When using a brow powder, I’d recommend using a good eyebrow pencil to gently etch the shape on softly to give you a template. Fill the area with the brow powder afterwards using your straight-angled brush. Diffuse the edges afterwards to soften the look.
  • Apply a small amount of Brow Fix on top of the powder once you have finished to set the brows. Once applied, your brows will be waterproof allowing you to exercise,swim and go out in the rain.

Making the most of your eyebrow gel
Eyebrow gels and pomades are in essence powders that have been mixed with a solution to make them that bit creamier than a standard powder.
Back when Instagram became the platform for make up bloggers, brow gels and pomades were the product that put insta-brows on the map! Brow gels were hugely popular due to their versatility and ability to create a multitude of looks and finishes. The fact that gels don’t need a primer and that they suit most skin types made them a firm favourite amongst eyebrow enthusiasts.
Various finishes and brow styles are achievable with a brow gel depending on how they are applied. Similar to a powder, brow gels are best applied using a brush, applied from the back of the hand, not straight from the pot. They are able to act like a ‘felt tip pen’ achieving a perfect defined shape when applied with a fine-angled brush (but this does take some practise.) In contrast they can also be used to achieve a soft, diffused look if applied using a stubbier, softer brush. Because of this versatility, brow gels have been the go-to product for those wanting to achieve an ombre’ brow, as the front of the brows can be soft with the product being blended out and then in contrast, sharp and defined at the tails using a firm, fine-angled brush. Our Brow colour boost can be used in a similar way by using a brush instead of the wand provided to draw hair strokes to create the look. Time is of the essence when working with a brow gel as the product does dry out quickly and once dried, is much harder to work. You can use this drying quality to your advantage though and use the gel to help stick down and control any unruly hairs. Most eyebrow gels are water and smudge proof so once applied, your brows will be set for the day come rain or shine.

Brow gels and pomades

  • Brow gels have a good payoff in colour so always go a shade lighter. Using your normal shade may make your brows too dark and over powering.
  • Always use a brush to apply a brow gel and never apply directly from the pot. Instead utilise the back of your hand and apply product to the brows from there.
  • Brow gels tend to dry out quickly so always ensure your pot is closed tightly to really get the most use out of your product.

This blog aimed to help you decide which eyebrow grooming method is right for you. Hopefully we’ve helped you identify which to go for. If your brows need a little help growing back nicely in the areas that you need them to, between appointments, have a read of ‘How to Grow your Eyebrows back’. There’s plenty of things you can do to help them along. Perfectly shaped eyebrows ARE achievable!

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