The Bella Hadid bleached brow look

Eyebrowqueen founder Nilam Holmes gives her opinion on the Bella Hadid ‘bleached’ eyebrow look at this month’s Vivienne Westwood Paris fashion week.
“She has a wonderful chameleon’esque face that suits any type of brow. The “no-brow” doesnt suit many people at all but she can definitely pull this off! Last year she showcased the spiky brow which we loved. But don’t all rush out and bleach your brows (and certainly do not shave them!). It’s not an everyday look that will suit everyone. If you fancy trying a more wearable version then try lightening your brows a few shades instead. We advise to get them done professionally as it’s a chemical process and the shade and tone are important to get it right”.

The previous year Bella changed up her brow game again whilst gracing the Paris catwalk for Haider Ackermann. She showcased bold spikey brows which are now the common look in 2020.
The Brow Fix is a product regularly used to create this brow look without the need for a lamination procedure. One small drop allows you to manipulate the hair to the desired direction and has been a favoured product for people since its launch in Oct 2019.
Famous faces such as Amber Rose and Lara Stone experimented with the bleached brow, lightening their brows to match their ongoing look. They both pulled off this trend successfully as the brows complimented Lara’s complexion and Amber’s iconic short blonde hair cut meaning the brows didn’t look out place.
The procedure does have its draw backs and can break the brow hairs of the root if not done properly. Lightening them too much can lead to a look whereby no brows are seen which can restrict what you are feeling – eyebrows are a key part in showing expression. It can also be dangerous as the use of bleach close to your eyes is a hazard, make sure they are done by a professional as the risk isn’t worth it.

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