Lockdown Brows

Why let lockdown ruin your eyebrows? We’ve got some great tips on how to keep your brows looking fresh, neat and preened

With beauty salons closed during lockdown we’ve all got a case of ‘Lockdown Eyebrows!’ We’ve been thrown into one of two camps… The ‘Have-A-Go-At-Home’ camp or the ‘Leaving-it-all-well-alone’ camp.

Many of us are choosing to leave all the beauty regimes to the professionals and are waiting with baited breath for the good news from Boris, not even contemplating a home waxing kit or home brow tint. But for those who fall into the other category; ‘Have-A-Go-At-Home’ camp, we’ve got some hints and tips for you to help make those ‘at home’ treatments a success story instead of a lockdown look you’d rather forget!

Growing your eyebrows during lockdown

If your eyebrows are growing like there’s no tomorrow, don’t worry! This is a good thing! Whilst we’re not seeing many people, take the opportunity to grow your brow hairs so that when the world opens up again and we are allowed to visit our favourite beauty salons, your brow technician will be able to create the perfect brow shape for you as you have lots of brow hairs to work with. Trust us, they will thank you for it! If you fancy letting your brows grow out, you can give them a helping hand by applying a growth serum. Brow serums like EyebrowQueens Brow Serum is packed full of vitamins and minerals aimed to enhance hair growth. The ingredients used are scientifically proven to nourish hair follicles and promote healthier, stronger hair growth. Head over and have a read of the blog we shared which shows you some other ways to help your brows hairs to grow- ‘How to help your eyebrows grow back.’

With this in mind we’d recommend avoiding waxing or threading your brows at home if you can. Hold off that little while longer! However, if you must tidy them, tweezing is the best way forward as it’s harder to get it wrong.

Images taken 2 – 4 months apart using Brow Serum twice daily on a regular basis as recommend

Tweeze with Caution

If you simply can not wait to tidy your brows, grab your clean tweezers, a mirror (ideally a normal mirror and a magnifying one) and allow yourself some time – Do not pluck your brows when you are in a rush!

On clean brows, draw in your preferred natural brow shape with a fine tipped eyebrow pencil. Once you have done this you will be able to see any stray hairs that sit outside the brow area. These hairs are the ones that you can safely tweeze. (For those with really dark bushy brows, you can use a white pencil or concealer to draw the shape that you want as it will make it easier to highlight the hairs that sit outside the desired brow shape area.) Make sure to switch between the two mirrors allowing yourself to stand back and see the brows as we can often ‘over pluck’ when we use a magnifying mirror on it’s own and no one wants that!

With so many tweezer types on the market, head over to ‘What are the best tweezers to pluck your eyebrows with? where we explain all the different tweezer shapes and styles so you can see which is the right pair for you.

Lockdown lamination

Laminated brows have become increasingly popular over the past year and whilst we can’t get to the salon during lockdown to have the process done professionally, it is now possible to achieve the ‘brushed up look’ without leaving the house. The NEW Lamination kit from Eyebrowqueen  – The Pro Lift-Up allows you to create fluffy, brushed up brows easily at home. The kit has everything you need to be able do-it-yourself. With it’s simple, easy to follow steps, with a little bit of time and patience, anyone can do it! Find out how to gently laminate your brows at home using the kit here: Home Lamination kits; How do they work?

If you don’t want to commit to the lamination process, but love the look, you can still achieve the look during lockdown. Eyebrowqueens BrowFix is a clever solution that fixes your brows in place for 24 hours, making them water and smudge proof. You simply brush the solution onto your brows in an upwards motion using a spoolie and voila! Laminated brows that last 24 hours!

So whilst we aren’t allowed to visit our favourite brow specialists, these tips should help you spruce up your brows ready for when we can face the world again!