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Article: Is brow soap safe?

Is brow soap safe?

Is brow soap safe?

It's a question that we get asked often. Whilst brow soaping has been used as a brow styling technique for years, we’ve seen a huge spike in it’s popularity over the past couple of years thanks to the likes of Tiktok and Instagram with many beauty enthusiasts using standard soap to style and fix their brows. But how safe is it?

Let’s dive in and see why using a standard soap on your brows may not be quite as safe as you think!

Using a soap as brow soap


Before we discuss the issues with using a soap as a brow product, let’s first outline what brow soap is for those who don't know.  

 Not to be confused with brow specific products like EyebrowQueens Brow Soap Fix (which has been formulated to be used as a brow soap), Brow soaping is where a standard bar of soap or Gel equivalent is applied to the brows using a brow brush to brush them up and into place. Many find this a cheap and convenient way to style their brows however because a soap bar hasn’t been made to be used in this way, there are a number of unpleasant issues that can arise when it is applied to the skin and brow area. 

What are the potential issues using soap as a brow fixer? How safe is brow soap?

Whilst the use of soap is generally ‘low risk’ for most, there are definitely a few things to think about if you are considering using brow soap.  

Regular soap has a pH-Level that is too Alkaline and so when it is applied to the skin and left on for hours it can lead to damage to the skin barrier which in turn can cause redness, dryness and irritation! Not ideal!

Ordinary soap is designed to be washed off. When applied to the skin it can build up and can often leave white residue on brows that not only looks unsightly but can lead to other issues such as clogged pores and flakey skin. Aside from causing sore dryness, using soap on the brows has been known to slow hair growth and in some cases cause brow hair loss over time. Suddenly a specific brow fixing product seems all the more appealing right?!

Use a fixing product made for eyebrows

Let’s face it, with little options available to buy when it came to brow fixing products back in the day, we can see why brow soap became a ‘thing!’ Fast forward to 2023, there are now some truly amazing, specially formulated brow products that are safe to use on the face, that do the job of brow fixing without causing the issues raised! These days there really isn’t a need to use a standard bar of soap on the brows when there are some hard-working brow products like EyebrowQueens Brow Soap Fix and Brow Fix available; both of which contain specific ingredients that allow you to achieve a brow soap finish whilst nourishing your brow hairs and surrounding skin at the same time. 


Just one drop of the Brow Fix holds both brow hairs and any brow make up in place all day long. Dab a tiny amount of the waterproof formula over your make up to make it smudge-proof and brush it through the hairs to fix them into place without feeling crispy.

Your brows will stay put until you are ready to remove the product with your favourite make up remover. Our Brow Fix is a must for every make up kit and the brow obsessed.

  • Lightweight setting liquid
  • Waterproof Formula
  • A must for any make up or brow obsessed addict


This one step, fuss free soap brow formula firmly holds brows in place all day whilst keeping them soft and flexible

Brush our Brow soap fix through brows using the long bristles into the desired position.

For a more laminated look use the short bristles to press the hairs against the skin.

  • Flexi hold
  • Vegan friendly
  • Liquified formula
  • Finishing product

So in 2023 why use a product on your brows that isn’t 100% safe and that's not made for use on the face? Instead choose a brow specific product that's been made and formulated with brows and skin in mind! 

We know what we’d choose!

Check out how to use EyebrowQueens Brow Soap Fix here

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