How to set your eyebrows

These days there are many different lotions and potions on the market claiming to ‘fix your brows’ into position, however, like everything, there are some that work better than others. Some will fix your brows in place all day, whereas others will need reapplying.

Here we explore how to set your eyebrows using the different methods and products that are currently on the market.

Setting your eyebrows with Eyebrow Wax

Credit : @artistrybystephen_

Wax is greasy by nature and it’s no different when it comes to eyebrow wax. When applied, it allows the brows to be brushed into place. Due to the ‘sticky’ nature of wax however, dust particles and dirt can get trapped in the wax, which can clog pores and hair follicles over time. Based on experience, a brow wax can help ‘shape’ the brows, however it doesn’t really ‘set’ the brows into place for any real length of time.


Eyebrow Soap as a Brow fixer

Credit : @misscassielomas

Soap was originally used in the golden era of Hollywood to achieve those BIG brows and has made a resurgence in popularity recently due to the fluffy brow trend and for those wanting the laminated look!

The downside to using brow soap is that it can often make the brows appear ‘crusty’. If too much soap is used (and in many cases a fair amount is needed in order to achieve the desired hold), there is a risk of looking like the brows have dandruff – which we’re sure you would prefer to avoid!! So, if you are going to use soap as a brow fixer, we’d suggest the ‘less is more’ approach. Be aware though, this may mean they aren’t set for long. If you’re out for the whole day, it’s a definite no no.

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Brow Gels as brow fixers

Brow gels are hugely popular due to the variety of clear, tinted and volumising options available. Because most are not fully-fledged ‘setting products’, as a general rule brow gels should not be used to set brows for long periods. The colouring and volumising properties are by far the primary benefits; setting the brows comes a secondary bonus! If you after a longer-lasting set, we’d recommend trying a brow fixing product in addition.

How to set your eyebrows with EyebrowQueens Brow Fix!

At EyebrowQueen we have two different products that can fix the brows as we know how important it is to keep them looking their best all day!

Our ultimate hero product is the Brow Fix! It’s unique formula is unlike anything on the market currently. It comes in the form of a lotion, needing only one drop to create a super hold with no residue!! Brows will be smudge and waterproof for the whole day, right up until you apply makeup remover. It is perfect for creating the ‘fluffy brow’ that is dominating the brow scene right now, as well as the increasingly popular celebrity trend – the ‘laminated’ brow! (Check out ‘How to achieve the brushed up brow trend at home (without lamination.)

EyebrowQueens Brow Colour Boost is a clever 3 in 1 solution. Available in 6 colours, it not only colours the brows, but also contains fibres which coat the hairs, creating a fuller looking brow. In addition it sets the brows. So if you are looking for an all round product that colours, volumises and sets, the Brow Colour Boost is one to try!

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