How to get thicker Eyebrows

Image source @miramakeup

There is no getting away from it; Thick brows are in!! Great, if you are naturally blessed with full, thick hairs but what if you aren’t?

Even getting your brows laminated to give you the appearance of full brows, needs your brows to be in a healthy condition so how do you get thicker brows?

We’ve compiled some handy tips to help you get your brows in tip-top condition which will in turn help them become fuller and thicker.

Tip 1 to thicker brows - Stop removing hairs
Our first tip is to step back from any brow hair removal! If you want thicker fuller brow hairs you will need to let them grow! Simple! Often we pluck away hairs that look out of shape, but which are in fact needed to form the new fuller shaped brows. Leave the fine wispy hairs that grow outside your current brow shape as these will help to fill out the brow shape as they grow.

Tip 2 to thicker brows - Condition the brow hairs to promote growth and stop breakage
A vital step to achieving full thick eyebrows is preventing breakage and promoting regrowth. Not only do we need to try to encourage new hairs to grow by conditioning the hair follicles, we also need to nourish and condition the hairs that you already have to help stop breakage. This can be done by applying a hydrating serum to the eyebrow area daily. EyebrowQueens new Brow Serum is packed full of nutrient rich ingredients all aimed to help condition, repair, nourish and maintain healthy full brows. It’s available in 2 sizes; 20ml and a NEW 5ml bottle.

CHEAT tip - Create the illusion of that THICKER brow
Whilst we wish and hope for our hair follicles to grow at super speed, realistically this is a process which takes time … in fact a brow goes through upto 4 phases and can take around 3-4 months to complete regrowth. Regular use of a proven growth product is vital so we suggest starting right away …

Anagen: the growth phase.
Catagen: the involution phase.
Telogen: the resting phase.
Exogen: the shedding phase
What you can do in the meantime is look to create the illusion of that THICKER brow using a number of products on the market.

Using a pomade crayon or our Brow Colourboost can help . The Pomade crayon accentuates the brow arch while our Brow Colourboost contains tiny micro fibres which adds colour and volume to the brow hair.

We all have that trusted brow pencil. Finding that product with a great colour pay off will certainly help in filling in sparse areas where there is a noticable lack of hair growth.

Check out our Brow Pro which is available in 6 colour shades.