How brows can help change your face

Getting your eyebrow shape right can really enhance your facial features and even take years off your look. Find out how to get the right proportions for your face shape
We should know by now that one size does not fit all when it comes to haircuts, shoes and more importantly eyebrows. Here, through this blog we explore how your eyebrows can change your face and how they can be used to help enhance your facial features.

It’s about getting the right balance

Life is all about balance and getting things in the right proportions and your eyebrows are no exception. When we choose what colour or shade of makeup to wear, we pick colours that compliment our skin tone to help enhance our natural features. Similarly our brows should enhance our facial features too. And just like wearing too little or too much eye make up for example, your eyebrows have a huge bearing on creating a balanced look. It’s no longer just about keeping them neat and tidy. They can help us look younger and more vibrant when done correctly. Statement brows that are too big and dark, will draw attention away from any other facial features and we don’t want “your brows to walk into a room before you do”.
Very fine brows on a face that has very prominent features can in fact make the features stand out further. The key is to strike a balance and enhance what you have. By getting the correct shape brow for your face, you will create a more balanced appearance which may take a few years off too!

What shape is your face?

Firstly you need to establish what shape face you have. This will help you start to identify what shape eyebrows will suit you. We have written a lengthly blog on this which you can read here: A guide to eyebrows shapes for different face types.

Seek a Brow Specialist

Now before you go reaching for the tweezers, or dare we say, wax strips. Don’t! If you are considering changing the shape of your eyebrows, it would be best to seek the help of a brow specialist. They are able to map out the shape that you want and can help you identify areas that you may need to thicken up or grow in in order to achieve the desired shape. A good brow stylist doesn’t only shape but can lighten, darken, shape and even lift your brows. If you find that your eyebrows are a little sparse or thin, there are ways in which you can thicken them. EyebrowQueens NEW Brow Serum is packed full of growth enhancing properties which can help speed up the growing process. Head over to our blog ‘How to get your Eyebrows to grow back’ to read all of our tips and tricks.

Top tips when considering your eyebrow shape
Make sure that the tail end of the brow is not lower than the start of the brow.  If the tail is lower it will create the illusion of a drooping eye. Instead, create a ‘lift’ by drawing the tail outwards and upwards.
Placing an arched brow onto a rectangular face will only accentuate the length of the face, so a flat brow or a softer arched brow is more suited to this face shape.
If your face shape is round, then a rounded brow will only accentuate that shape.  An angled, longer style brow will create the illusion of an oval face.  You can achieve this with our Brow Pro Pencil by slightly shading in more angular lines and creating a slightly longer tail.
A square face shape is already full of angles so we’d suggest a softer, rounder brow as it would help soften any harsh lines.
A flat brow does not suit a heart shaped face as it is too heavy, so we’d recommend a softer, arched brow which would suit this face shape better.