Enhancing the undeniable beauty of Christina Aguilera with the EyebrowQueen BrowPro

When you look back at icons in the late ’90s who are responsible for bringing the pop industry to the forefront of music, you don’t look further than the days of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera – @xtina. Two talented girls thrust into the music spotlight and responsible for a whole host of banging hits which everyone remembers. 

With regular clients such as @mariahcarey@krisjenner, and @iambeckg, Makeup artist @EtieneOrtega is a man in demand for his work. He was responsible for creating some of the makeup looks on Christina for her sell-out X tour this year, filling out stadiums in UK, Paris, Belgium, Mexico & Ireland. She also continues to perform at her Vegas residency into the new year, a singer in demand.

The makeup artist used the new @Eyebrowqueen products from his kit for the 1st time recently to finish this great look on Christina for the American Music Awards 2019 (@amas). He created fantastic brow shape for all to see close up with beautiful texture and shape using the Brow Pro in shade ‘blonde’ which fully complemented Christina’s dress and blonde looks.