Brow Game 101 - How to highlight your brows


You’ve got your brow shaping game down to a tee, you’ve become a pro at applying your brow pencil, fine-tuned laminating your brows, now it’s time to perfect your brow highlighting game! 


How to apply eyebrow highlighter 

Video source : @nilamholmes

Using your eyebrow highlighter of choice, draw a fine line under the brow and blend downwards with a blending brush. You want to be as precise as possible when getting up close to your brows so that you add contrast to the colour in your brows. Eyebrowqueens Brow Highlighter accentuates your brows by allowing you to use the pointed tip to draw a fine line under the whole length of the brow or just under the arch.  The creamy, blendable formula glides precisely over the area and instantly highlights and enhances whilst creating the appearance of a more lifted brow. It's perfect for sharpening the look of brow edges and also cleaning up any brow product smudges for a clean flawless look.  

Eyebrow highlighting explained

Most people prefer to highlight their brows after they have completed their eye makeup and brows. There are a few different products that can be used to highlight the brows depending on your skin type and preference. Some like to use an eyebrow highlighter powder whereas others like to wear cream highlighters or highlighter pencils. (Those with dry skin may find that a creamy highlighter like EuebrowQueens works better for them over a powder). 

Now that you are armed with the tips, get on and grab your highlighter and highlight your brows to perfection. 

You won’t believe the difference it will make. 

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