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          How to do your eyebrows in 5 easy steps (for beginners)

          Contemplating shaping your brows yourself for the first time? Follow our 5 easy steps aimed at beginners.
          If you are contemplating shaping your brows yourself but are a little nervous, don’t be. We have you covered with our guide on ‘How to do your eyebrows in 5 easy steps (for beginners)’. We share simple stages that are easy to follow to allow you to successfully shape your brows yourself.


          This guide is aimed at those who are new to eyebrow shaping and so for this reason we’d recommend starting with tweezers. Tweezers are easy to use and also allow you to take one hair at a time meaning less chance of mistakes. There are many different types of tweezers on the market so to find out which type is best for you, head over to our blog ‘What are the best tweezers to pluck your brows with?’

          As well as tweezers, you will also need:

          HELPFUL HINT

          Don’t be tempted to just use a magnifying mirror as this can often lead to over plucking. Switch between using both a magnifying mirror and a normal mirror to allow yourself chance to see what they look like in reality.


          Before you start plucking, you need to get an idea of the shape that you want your eyebrows to be once you finish. Being a beginner, we’d recommend you try not to change your brow shape too drastically at this stage, instead try to stick to your natural shape as much as possible.

          Making sure your brows (and tweezers) are clean, using your brow pencil, pencil in your desired brow shape. This will highlight the hairs that are growing outside the desired brow area so you can see which hairs you need to remove.

          If you prefer to, you can use a brow stencil to help guide you to the right shape although make sure that you don’t opt for a brow shape that is too different to your natural shape. Pick one that your brow hairs fill and that looks natural.

          Once you have pencilled/stencilled them in, stand back and check that they are in the correct place and even BEFORE you reach for the tweezers.

          HELPFUL HINT

          Your brows should start at the bridge of the nose. The gap between your brows shouldn’t be bigger than a thumb space so make sure you start your brows in the correct place.


          So with the brows pencilled/stenciled on, and with the stray hairs clearly visible, you should now be able to begin plucking the hairs.

          In front of the magnifying mirror, gently remove the stray hairs one at a time. Flit between each eyebrow (instead of doing one eyebrow at a time) as this will encourage you to remove the unwanted hairs gradually instead of accidentally over-plucking.After removing a few hairs, step back and look in the normal mirror to check your progress.

          HELPFUL HINT

          Take your time! Don’t be tempted to rush and to remove too many hairs at once. It will only end up in too many hairs being plucked which take time to regrow.


          Don’t be tempted to remove unruly hairs that don’t sit nicely. These hairs can be tamed and encouraged to sit where you want them to either by laminating them or by simply using EyebrowQueens Brow Fix. A small drop of the Brow Fix brushed over the brows will help fix them in place allowing them to grow correctly over time.

          HELPFUL HINT

          Between tweezing, it’s advised to use a brow brush to brush the hairs into place. You will need to brush the brow hairs up and out from the centre out towards the tails. Brushing between tweezing will allow you to see how the brow hairs sit and will allow you to help coax the hairs into place. Failing to do this may result in you over plucking hairs that you need.

          We’d recommend using either a spoolie brush like the Essentials Brow brush or the NEW Lamination brush which is great at separating the brow hairs perfectly.


          You may find that some hairs are quite long and therefore need a little trim. This may seem daunting but a tiny trim can neaten up the brows nicely. You will need to use brow scissors like EyebrowQueens Precision Scissors which have a curved tip allowing you to isolate and trim any long, unruly hairs.

          We have a whole blog covering ‘How to trim your brows’ which gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

          The general rule for trimming hairs is if the root of the hair sits outside the shape, it can be tweezed out (so long as you don’t need the hair to fill in any gaps. ) but if the tip of the hair sits outside of the shape, then you can trim it carefully.

          HELPFUL HINT

          If you are planning on shaping your brows for the first time, we’d recommend having them done by a professional brow specialist in the initial instance. They will be able to map out the correct brow shape for you, allowing you to have a base on which to work from going forward.

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