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          We talk fuller brows with Nilam Holmes, Celebrity brow and aesthetic specialist

          Nilam’s wealth of expertise and professionalism are valued by clients from all over the world including many high profile clients such as Amanda Holden and Victoria Beckham. If you are online looking for pearls of wisdom on how to achieve fuller brows, you won’t go wrong taking on these top tips from Nilam.

          Read on to find out more.

          Nilam Holmes, brow and aesthetic specialist to the stars shares her tips to achieving fuller brows 

          ‘If your eyebrows are not in their normal state, now is the perfect time to encourage growth. When beauty salons reopen, it will be easier for the brow professional to restore your eyebrows if hairs are looking healthy and starting to grow.’

          Tip 1 – Step away from the tweezers.

          ‘Tweezing too much can damage the hair follicles, which are responsible for hair growth and strength. Tweezing is acceptable if you wish to remove a few stray hairs but you can cause permanent damage or run the risk of your brow hairs not returning if you over pluck.’

          Tip 2 – Massage the brows

          ‘Massaging your brows will help to stimulate hair growth. Using either clean fingers or with olive oil, massage your brows and the surrounding areas in circular motions for 5 minutes daily. This creates stimulation and the circulation in the bloodstream oxygenates and encourages hair growth.’

          Tip 3 – Comb and trim the brows

          ‘You can trim your brows to maintain order. If you spot any longer hairs above your brow line, comb upwards and carefully trim using eyebrow scissors. Never cut straight across as this will result in a blunt look, just snip the individual hairs as you go. Always use eyebrow scissors as these are curved and designed to trim the smallest of hairs.’

          tip 4 – Feed the brows for healthy hair regrowth

          ‘Eyebrow serums contain active ingredients that promote growth, including amino acids that protect from breakage, and conditioning agents that hydrate the individual hairs. They are designed to enhance the thickness of your eyebrows and in the areas that are sparse, they stimulate growth.’

          ‘Simply apply the recommended amount of serum drops directly onto your brows with an applicator or clean finger. Use this twice a day for maximum results.’

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