How to make the most of your eyebrow palette

There is one must-have item that you NEED in your make-up kit in 2021... an eyebrow palette. Keeping your brows on point is a top priority (and if it’s not, it should be!) as framing our gorgeous faces has never been so important. Our brows need to be preened, polished and prioritised and that is exactly what the eyebrow palette from EyebrowQueen will do! Not only that but it is a pretty hard-working bit of kit and can be used for so much more than your eyebrows...

What is an eyebrow palette ?

An eyebrow palette is a compact make-up kit that is used to neaten, shape and style your brows. The NEW Eyebrow palette by EyebrowQueen is available in 7 different colours ensuring every skin/hair colour is catered to. Each palette comes with 3 silky colours and a primer which can be mixed together to create the perfect colour match.

How do I use my Brow shadow palette ?

Using a fine angled brush, apply the primer directly onto clean skin to act as a base. Apply the silky-smooth brow powders on top which can be mixed together to get the perfect colour to create your custom brow look! Alternatively, you can mix the primer with the powders to create a pomade to give a more intense look. The palette can create any style of brow you want so whether you want a soft natural brow or a strongly defined dramatic brow, this palette will do the job perfectly! The complete brow kit comes in a handy compact with a built-in mirror, great for keeping in your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups and comes in 7 different shades meaning whatever your colourings, you can maximise the colour-mixing options so there will be a palette perfect for you.


Influencer @bonnieryan shows how to get the most of the NEW multi functional Brow Shadow Palette 

Multi functional 

An eyebrow palette is actually a product that works pretty hard; It can do more than shape and define your brows.
Because most brow palettes contain a mixture of blendable eyebrow powders in a couple of shades, setting waxes and primers, you can mix the pigment colours with the primer and use it as an eyeliner as well as directly onto the eyelids to act as an eyeshadow. How fabulous?

The Palette is the perfect product to enhance brows and eyes using the differing shades available suited to your look.