How to create a brow lift using a brow highlighter

The eyebrow trick you need to know about! Learn how to create the illusion of a brow lift using an eyebrow highlighter | EyebrowQueen

Let’s be honest, we all love to look our best and if there is a quick and easy way that we can look a little brighter and fresher we’re here for it and I’m sure you are too.  Read on to find out how to achieve the look of an eyebrow lift using just brow highlighter.


The eyebrow trick you need to know!

Eyebrow highlighters are a great addition to your make-up kit as they are really versatile and work hard if you’ll let them. When used correctly they can make your eyebrows appear neater like you’ve just left your brow bar appointment (even when you haven’t), can make your eyes appear brighter and fresher as well as give you the appearance of a ‘lifted brow’ which I’m sure you're here for! When highlighter is applied correctly it can really accentuate the natural curves of your brow line in turn creating the illusion of a lift. So how do we do this nifty little trick?


How to achieve the look of a brow lift with a brow highlighter

  • Use a spoolie to brush your brows upwards before filling in any gaps or sparse areas with your favourite eyebrow product.
  • Apply a fine line of concealer underneath your brows to neaten up your brow line and hide any mistakes you might have made with your brow pencil or pomade. Blend the concealer in with a brush and repeat the process above the brows.
  • Apply the illuminating highlighter, with a highlighter brush usually a fan brush and apply under the highest part of your brow taking it right along to the tail end and leave the front portion bare. This will bring your brow bone forward and create the illusion of a sculpted brow.
  • Using a brow brush or spoolie, shape and preen your brows as you would normally. Apply your eye makeup and brow products ensuring you fill any sparse areas in the brows.
  • Once you are done, using a fine brush, apply a thin line of concealer under the bottom arch of the brows all the way from the bulb to the tails. Apply it to correct any mistakes that you may have made using your brow pencil or pomade.
  • Carefully blend the concealer downwards away from the brow ensuring that the concealer nearest the brows stays precise. 
  • Next apply the brow highlighter under the highest part of the brow (the arch) right down towards the brow tails carefully blending with a brush as you go.
  • The lighter highlighted tones applied under the brow area will create a contrast next to the brow making the arch appear higher, the eye area appear brighter and fresher giving the illusion of a lifted brow.