What are soap brows?

Over time, trends change and eyebrow styles are no different. We’ve seen thin, barely their brows to full, fluffy, laminated brows. The current trend that you will see being used by makeup artists and brow enthusiasts all over social media are Soap Brows! Many makeup artists have used this technique for years however it’s recently taken off online, with many celebrities and celeb makeup artists alike showing how to create the technique at home. If however you find yourself asking ‘What are Soap Brows’, worry not as we will explain all here so you can get in on this fabulous trend. 

The above images show the the kind of brow brush up the traditional soap brow method looks to achieve

 Images by the talented @_lisa_shannon_makeup

Soap Brows - What are they?  

‘Soap Brows’ is a term used to describe a brow styling technique where the brows are brushed up into a fluffy look and set in place using a traditional soap bar which acts as the holding product.

With the current brow trend tending to be a full dramatic brow, there is a need to help those brow hairs to appear thicker and bigger. The soap brow technique allows you to brush the brow hairs up by sticking them in place. Using soap is a cheap yet effective way of achieving this look however as soap wasn’t designed to stay on the skin, irritation and dryness can be experienced so for this reason many are choosing instead to use a ‘soap brow product’ that has been developed with the brows and surrounding skin in mind such as the NEW EyebrowQueens Brow Soap Fix.

@bonnieryan uses our NEW Brow Soap Fix product to create 'brushed up' brows alongside other products in her make up bag. 

How to how to use soap brows to achieve the Soap Brow look

Achieving the Soap Brow look is pretty straight forward if you have the right products to help you. Head over and have a read of How to do soap brows perfectly’  where we give you a step-by-step guide on how to use soap brows to create the perfect soap brow look. 

Eyebrowqueen® has their NEW Soap Brow Fix which is a kinder alternative to soap. Developed with skin and brow hairs in mind, not only does it provide you with the perfect hold, the ingredients are gentle and therefore kinder to your skin and brows.