X Factor Girl Band V5 use the best eyebrow products to keep brows in place

X Factor Girl Band V5 use the best eyebrow products to keep brows in place

Girl Band V5 sparkle on stage wearing go to eyebrow product of the moment

Celebrity X Factor is coming towards it's closing stages with just a few weeks remaining before the winner will be crowned. Girl band V5 look to be a band who could rival past X Factor success stories such as Little Mix since they made an instant impression on the world of music when they first performed on the show.

Pulled together only weeks prior to the show, the band is made up of social media influencers Alondra Martinez, Natalie Valerin, Sofia Oliveira, Wendii Sarmiento, and Laura Buitrago. They have continued to pull off show-stopping performances with their dance moves and vocal abilities, leading to continued positive comments from X Factor Judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Sherzinger and Louie Walsh. 

V5 girl band

Only the best eyebrow products will do

To get the girl band stage ready, make-up artist Anna Cash and Sally Watterston have been backstage prepping the beautiful girls using the best eyebrow products - EyebrowQueen! The X Factor make-up team are specialists and know the best way prep and prime all the contestants ready for their live performances. Only the best eyebrow products that keep make-up in place during a rigorous stage performance will do!

The V5 girls eyebrows are first shaped and defined using our favourite eyebrow pencil of 2019, the Brow Pro. Available in six shades, each girl band member was matched perfectly to their skin tone, with the most suitable being the popular Medium Brown shade for neutral brown tones. The X Factor make-up artists also used the Rich Brown shade ideal for deep toned brunettes and darker skin toned warm brunettes. The Brow Pro is a great eyebrow pencil for beginners too with it's super fine nib giving you ultimate control when applying to the brows. Don't just take out word for it though, visit our Shop to read the EyebrowQueen eyebrow pencil reviews and learn how to use eyebrow pencil on our Tutorials page.

The brows are then finished using the 'go to' product of the moment, EyebrowQueen Brow Fix. Anna and Sarah set the brows in place so that the applied eyebrow product used to shape and fill in the brows stays put during their action packed performances. The magic of Brow Fix acts as though you've used the best waterproof eyebrow pencil!


V5 beauties before their X-Factor performance

A sure winner!

In the words of Louie, "You look like a girlband! You sound like a girlband!" - we couldn't agree more, with their high tempo, latino inspired performances that have the audience on their feet every week.


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